Bras of the Nymph of the Rule of the Game

Check out the Bras worn by Nymph, Roberta Rodrigues-is it a trend?

Nymph, character actress Roberta Rodrigues in the rules of the game, makes the bra a part of your day-to-day wardrobe, is your trademark. But this is fiction … or is it a picture of reality? There is a reality that is specific to each style of dress? Let’s talk a little more about it.

The novels have always been topics of various discussions, and would not change now on Rede Globo. The rules of the game have been working on it, bringing a cast full of strong characters and with a lot of style. Worth checking out to get inspirations of looks and observe what may be trend.

Nymph’s character, for example, is a resident of the Hill and funk dancer. This character is doing a lot of success with the public for the way he dresses, always using a bra on display.

Are Bras neons, strong or tones with flashy prints. Many assiduous telespectadoras of the novel already seek this model or something similar, after all, the heat has arrived and the clothes tend to be lighter and leave the body on display.

There are large amounts of bra styles that cater to all tastes and requirements, we can call this basic lingerie, but we must not forget, only the model is basic! The colors have nothing of it, ok?!

Tips to take advantage of the trend of BRA show

For you who wants to build on this trend and will use a bra with colors -red, purple, blue, pink-be sure to check the occasion-stripped, day-by-day, night or sexy – and the style of clothing that will be over him. The rule is just basic common sense.

Another tip is to try to combine the lingeries with the colors of the looks, tone-on-tone style. Also you don’t have to leave your dull look, choose pieces that combine with what you propose and be inspired! It is worth remembering for the bravest want to dare as the Nymph with Bras more eye-catching, choose Basic blouses and without many details, so you’ll let your look with the face of the summer!

Because a color just cheer up our day.

Liked it? With these tips you can do a great choice and parade with gorgeous models around!

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