Brand Of Natural Juices Launches Smartband For R $ 229

We did not expect the first Brazilian smartphone to be made by a juice brand, but let’s go: Do ​​Bem is launching its smartband, called the Machine. Just like the brand, it has as motto the quest for a healthy life – that is, it is more a fitness bracelet to put on the list.

The machine, through an internal triaxial sensor, can capture information such as the amount of steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and quality of sleep. According to the campaign, one of the positives of the Machine is the accuracy to capture this data.Another highlight is the battery life which, according to the company itself, reaches 7 days.

The information you get is sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth and progress can be seen in graphics in the Machine application. But there is a “but”: for now, the machine only talks to iOS.

As you can see in the dissemination images, it is very simple. In the display, it has colored LEDs that communicate the necessary – for example, how it is changing according to the colors green, yellow and red – and to charge the battery, it is necessary to fit a part, in which a USB cable is connected , Similar to Samsung’s Gear Fit .

The machine is available in two very sober colors: black and “brown leather”. The price is $ 229 and it is for sale on the website of Do Bem .