BQ Aquaris M4. 5: Spanish Entry-Level Smartphone in the Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The BQ Aquaris M4. 5 is a slightly above average good entry-level Smartphone. The case seems stable, the display comes for beginners in order and the processor speed is loose enough for everyday. Dual SIM, LTE and the Extensible Storage upgrade the small Spaniard. The tightly integrated battery and the poor performance of the camera however against the underdog and speak at a price of currently 170 euro for the 8-gigabyte model (stand: 20 January 2016) the Aquaris M4. 5 offers a total too little. A similarly expensive device such as the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2014) has the edge because of better facilities. Order this product at Amazon Pro robust housing dual SIM of expandable memory LTE contra battery firmly installed pale photos with little details satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating now write a

First impression and dimensions

The BQ Aquaris M4. 5 is one of the convenient variety of Smartphone: light as a feather, it is slightly larger and thicker than the iphone 5 S and with only 115 grams. The design is simple and yawning boring or beautiful calm according to personal taste. BQ completely customize the device made of hard plastic, processing appears robust. This happens particularly the edges on the front side of the housing that borders directly on the display but at the expense of the haptics, prove sensitive owners may be disturbing. Unlike Apple’s similar large Smartphone with no push buttons located on the front. The three menu buttons can be seen instead as always visible touch elements under the display. Sit on the left side of the housing two SIM card slots for a dual SIM capability, right is a further slot for a microsd card. Main camera and dual Flash sit like the iphone in the corner of the rear side of the housing. Too bad: The battery is firmly fitted and therefore not replaceable.

The display: mirror, mirror in hand

BQ missed his Aquaris M4. 5 4.5 inches (11.43 centimeters) display with qhd resolution (960 x 540 pixels; Pixel density: 244, ppi). That’s not crisp sharp at closer look, for a dough equipment but still alright. The contrast is good, the brightness is pleasant and also at the color representation, there is no great reason to complain. However big is the dependence on the angle of view: looking sideways on the screen darkness prevails quickly. In addition, the screen reflects so much that the hairstyle is guaranteed to always sits. Wiping gesture feels precise, occasionally sensitivity too low does the display as you type and does not respond.

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The main new equipment

Big battery and LTE

The battery of Aquaris M4. 5 provides a budget Smartphone: can look quite the capacity of energy suppliers leave with 2,470 mah if you compare it with other smartphones of this size and price range. As the operating system, Android is located 5.1 lollipop aboard the no longer quite current version. Connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, mobile data connections you have on the fast LTE access.

Ordinary processor

BQ obstructed the quad-core processor MT6735 by Mediatek, to bring the Aquaris M4. 5 on tour. The system in everyday life runs smoothly with a clock rate of up to 1 gigahertz and the support provided by the graphics unit Mali T720. Only in a few apps, juddering occurred such as the use of Google play store. Graphically more complex games like dead trigger 2 will handle the Smartphone but good. In various benchmark tests, the device reaches, however, consistently very bad scores: Geekbench 3 the Aquaris M4. 5 is only slightly better than the old Samsung Galaxy S3, there is gfxbench about par with the China Mobile Cubot X 12.

Video on the subject

The Spanish manufacturer BQ shows a new smartphone with the Aquaris M4. 5 and provides an interesting alternative. Is it worth buying? News from Spain: BQ Aquaris M4. 5 in the check

Expandable memory

The memory of the Smartphone by BQ has a neat 2 gigabytes in size. The internal memory is 16 gigabytes. By the software based on Android 5.1 lollipop remain but only about 9 gigabytes free. Up to 32 gigabytes of memory can be expanded via a microsd card. In addition to the computer image tested standard version there is the device even with 1 gigabyte of RAM and 8 GB internal memory (BQ Aquaris M4. 5 (8 GB)) and 1 gigabyte memory and 16 gigabytes of free space (BQ Aquaris M4. 5 (16 GB 2 GB RAM)).

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Unspectacular photos

The cameras of the BQ Aquaris M4. 5 convinced in the practice test does not. The 8-megapixel main camera represents slightly out of focus and pale distant objects when outside. Details are real short supply on the images. Close-up objects look sharper and colors are somewhat stronger. Indoors in artificial light to disappoint with its blurry and pale appearance. The brightness of the images is but overall satisfactory, the photos are too bright with the blurry detail shots. The front camera offers 5 megapixels and take photos of dark, blurry Selfies. Take videos in HD (1280 x 720 pixels) the films are characterized by significant noise. Example images, also from the comparison device Samsung Galaxy S6, see the article to download.