Boyfriend With Blazer-Perfect Pair

I am a very big advocate of, too, we can carry everything… so fashionably. So, everything we want and feel good about.

 Nothing to be impressed by trends and above all not by trade or by so-called “influencers”. After the classic season change no longer exists and the big shops-online or on the spot-so frequently change their collection, you have at least 8 times a year the feeling, the latest Musthave unfortunately not yet in the closet. Except you are over 40 and has a large wardrobe, if you go all the way down, you can find the good piece namely still somewhere…

A good reason to buy high quality, then the parts will certainly survive several washes and can be worn once they are next time trend. Unfortunately, good quality is no longer self-evident. On the other hand, it is now the perfect time to create your own must-haves-an overview of what’s really happening is probably just a moderator, a trendsetter and/or a leading designer. I admit-I am really out there… although I deal with the subject a lot and gladly.The right, real trends tend to get late in my consciousness.

Am I A Trendsetter?

Although, if I think so right about it, then perhaps too early? Take, for example, my blue bomber jacket. Recently worn with the outfit. The I bought myself at the end of 2013 and her 2014 already times  a whole post devoted. Was I with the jacket now just so mega hintendran that I was already back in? Or does it fall into the category “A blind chicken also finds a grain”? Maybe I was ahead of my time-even a trendsetter? Haha… yes exactly… I guess, at the time of the photohoots were just super many Talentscouts on Adventuretour in the Bavarian hinterland on the way and camouflage camouflaged completely flat on the ground pressed.Then, with the impressions of my blouson ahem of my bomber jacket two years later the latest trend to life. Sure-actually it could have been just like this… How was that with the megalomaniac?

Boyfriend With Blazer – Perfect Pair

But fun on site-I really do not know if something is hippy or totally out… I see the forest almost in the trees net. What is the shape of the pants? Flared, Skinny, Straight, Ankle, Boyfriend, Marlene ???? I’m really helpless. But I always wear… any more skinny, sometimes more flared and since last autumn, yes, Culotte. But I’ve only read about them that they are already yawning the visitors of the front row… What? One more reason for me to wear what I like, in which I feel comfortable. I do not like to let me dictate which pants shape makes me happy. Fashion is colorful and the contents of my wardrobe versatile and therefore I also wear all the pants. At the moment I like my boyfriends especially. They fit great to sneakers and come with a Blazer always a bit serious. The outfit is, incidentally, inspired by the editor, who has selected the outfit for me during the shooting. A super nice woman… oh at all, the whole team was great and I very much hope that the article will appear soon. I am already completely curious. But, since the editor is certainly in the fashion circle, I know that my outfit is now totally hip and I can wear the ü40 loose. For sure… Have a nice week dear all….

Pants: H & M-Boyfriendjeans are great… so right. Always comfortable and with the right accompaniment they look not so g’schlampert… These jeans from Levis  (Affiliatelink) I would buy immediately, if I had not just bought one at, this is already sold out.