Bottle of Mineral Water

Natural mineral waters are bottled at the source, in order to protect the purity and integrity of the water up to the consumer’s table.

In compliance with the regulations on materials in contact with food, the bottle can deliver to the consumer’s table an as pure product that nature made it to its source.

The plastic bottle, like the glass bottle, guarantees the food safety of the product and the quality of the water from the moment where she is captured until the time of consumption, through the phases of storage, transport and distribution.

Thanks to its resistance, its inalterability and its neutrality water bottle helps preserve the original purity of the mineral water natural time in preserving external contamination.

All materials used for bottled water packaging have been approved by the National Agency for safety (ANSES).

Bottle of mineral water: formats for all uses

The shape of the bottle of mineral water and its format meet a concern for practicality, and are completely adapted to the lifestyles of consumers that are characterized by phenomena of urbanization, mobility, the development of tourism and sport.

The evolution of eating habits, and especially the development of consumption outside the home and nomadism are a determining factor of the development of small formats of 33 bottles and 50 cl, that allow to hydrate healthily in all circumstances.

Bottled water: a clear and precise information

The bottle of mineral water is also a valuable support information. It allows to communicate essential information about the product, such as its origin, its composition, some recommendations of consumer to consumer.

The labelling of natural mineral waters is strictly regulated and brings above all detailed information on the composition of minerals provided by each type of water.

Often, practical information are added to educate consumers to a healthy lifestyle and a citizen behavior by encouraging them to recycle.