Boho Chic: The Trend That Will Turn Fever Into Weddings

For grooms who dream of a trendy and trendy wedding, but one that is sure to be intimate, betting on boho chic is a sure-fire alternative.

By mixing elements that refer to the ethnic, hippie and rocker movement, this decoration is the guarantee of an unforgettable event.

Applied to marriage parties, the style emerged in the United States, around the 2000s. After it has gone out of style, it now returns again with everything, from a more personal concept of celebration, without rigid rules. It is ideal for those who dream of exchanging outdoor alliances.

Decorating Tips Boho Chic

The first premise before thinking about boho decorating is to define the wedding location. It marries well with open spaces and adorned by nature, such as a beach, a site or a farm. A beautiful flower garden or yard are also naturally structured for this type of ceremony.

The line is also perfect for planning a daytime wedding , since open spaces are best valued with daylight. Not to mention that this choice also weighs less in the budget, since it exempts rent of salons, normally more expensive.

The bohemian decor follows the precept of do it yourself , so it is another guarantee of economy for the bride and groom. In this scenario, that classic and very elaborate decoration opens space for more colorful flowers, familyaccessories , brechó pieces and elements of wood.

The ambiance of the ceremony can be decorated with pergolas, floral arrangements and light fabrics in more neutral colors. For altar space, a classic portal is an option. The carpet can be replaced by a petal path or a straw crosswalk.

To live up to the boho chic style, the rustic details are important. The terracotta tones harmonize well with vintage, light and minimalist elements. It’s also worth adding to the ambiance with family portraits, family photos, chests and other antique pieces-but without overdoing the size of the furniture.

Regarding the food and drinks, the boho wedding asks for a simpler gastronomy with a relaxed buffet. One suggestion is to bet on finger foods , thoseappetizers that can be consumed by hand. It’s also worth adding homemade family recipes to make the time even more personal.

To complete the decor, small lamps and handcrafted lamps hanging from the trees give it a unique romantic touch. Candles at the tables add to the chic boho look of the wedding .

Bohemian Wedding Dress

When choosing a decor in the boho chic line, it is necessary to consider that the wedding dresses also need to be in line with the style. The tip for brides is to give up the traditional white dress armed and consider lighter fabrics and fluids that harmonize better with the atmosphere of the wedding.

The manual touch may also appear on the part: the dress gains an extra charmwith embroidery or lace appliqués. The hair can be loose and present adornments like a wreath or a tiara. On the feet, the low sandals or sneakers are ideal-your feet thank you.

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