Bodybuilding in Israel

It is rare that a bodybuilder comes from an Orthodox Jewish environment. Effi Kivelevitz is such a person. This American Jew who came to Israel in 2003, has since August 2009 champion of Israel. In their own words, helped the strict Jewish life him to win the title. Special kosher food laws are important; keeping the Sabbath is more difficult for a bodybuilder.

Israel has no bodybuilding tradition

Israel is now not specifically called a land of bodybuilders. The country is known more for its farmers, soldiers, scholars and scientists. Yet there are people who practice bodybuilding. One of the people Effi Kivelevitz, an Orthodox Jew

Bodybuilding is hard work

To become a bodybuilding champion to be hard work. Effi does not specifically aim to become champion.He simply has the sport and he did his work in the same school as Amit Sapir, former champion in Israel. Sapir saw, however, soon realized that Kivelevitz would ever become the champion. He helped him with exercise and diet. In 2008 Effi won yet, but in 2009 was assessed.

Raised in an Orthodox Jewish community

Effi Kivelevitz grew up an Orthodox Jewish community in New York and attended a yeshiva. Because he as a child was restless, he wished his energy in a gym. He started doing weightlifting. His parents were surprised, but now he is the family’s pride. Everyone thinks that it is good to have a champion in his party.

Rules and structure

If you religiously follow the rules and structure of the faith, especially when going to things that are forbidden, such as non-kosher food. Because he had grown up with the kosher food laws make it easier to keep a diet than other bodybuilders who have not had such training. On the other hand, to keep the Sabbath again difficult, because the body has to actually work out. Shabbat is a real family day where the food is central. In the weeks before the game, he gives Shabbat therefore only to be seduced by the food. This gives him a lonely feeling. Still, the regiment was good for him.

Work during the day, evening, bodybuilding

Daytime Kivelevits work in the Sales Department of an American company. In the evening he does bodybuilding. He also believes to be in the United States. In the spring of 2010 is planned a few games.

Jewish bodybuilders

Although bodybuilding among Jews not common, there are still famous name, s as Siegmund Zishe Breitbart’s “,” 20th century Samson “there is also a movie made about him: Invincible Breitbart. He trained Jews against the British in Palestine are challenged. Kivelevitz in Israel is the only American immigrants to the bodybuilding circuit. The rest consists of Israelis, Moroccan Jews, Jews from the former Soviet Union and Israeli Arabs.

What is the secret?

The important thing is to get rid of all the fat, enough sleep and a balanced diet. It is difficult, but the result is there.
What is bodybuilding?
In short, the bodybuilding in which muscles are being developed to beautify the body a form of strength training. The goal is to be as muscular as possible at the same time, the percentage of fat is very low. In addition to weight lifting supplements play an important role. Unfortunately, too much muscle Enhancer used as are on the doping list. These pose a threat to the body. There are both men kept the ladies competitions.