Body Chains: Body Chains as a New Trend Jewelery?

We all know that you can never have enough jewelry.Never!This is like with shoes and an unwritten law?Each of us has so a few jewelery, which as top favorites at the top of the jewelry box.And, of course, the trend setter jewelry, jewelery for certain events, jewelery for special occasions, jewelery that only fits to this one dress (and which we bought exactly for this reason).And jewelry, we discovered on holiday with the great little label and had to take with us.Another important category: jewelery, we have discovered and loved on blogs. Latest example: body chains or body chains.A single term is not enough to describe the bandwidth of these chains.Oh, no matter, I’ll try it anyway.

1. What are body chains?

Body chains are, as the name suggests, chains that can be worn all over the body.They no longer adorn their necks, no, like the whole back, the cleavage, the shoulder.Depending on how extensively it was designed.It takes a little courage to wear it.But this is always the case with new, rather unusual trend parts.And the selection of body chains is really ample, so you should just trust.Smoother, not so conspicuous body chains usually run from the décolleté in the direction of the navel, are second and not only hung around the neck, but also around the shoulders.Many of these necklaces are very delicate and look good on single-colored tops and dresses.Logically, large patterns would distract the view only from the body chain.

Other body chains are fan-shaped over one or even both shoulders.Like an epaulette (a shoulder), she sits immensely on her shoulder.There is even the simplest top still to the highlight.Further jewelry by the way?Does not have to be.Maybe a few rings to it, that’s enough.A chain on the shoulder is already conspicuous enough.Or you use the hopefully warm days of the coming summer, wear a belly-free top and combine it with a belly chain.Actually a good festival look.Right there, you could also admire a very different kind of body chains:chains that wind along the leg.Vanessa Hudgens wore such a chain recently at the Coachella on the thigh.Her look: demolished denim shorts and a hips-free hippie top.This is, frankly, the only logical styling variant that comes to mind for this chain.

2. How do you carry body chains?

How to carry body chains, of course, depends entirely on the chain itself.As I have already described above, the shape of the chain indicates the wearing variant.Since the chains are close to the body, the clothing should be as close as possible.Nevertheless, the style does not have to be uniform.Example?Thus, a body chain that runs from shoulder to belly can look both noble and casual.Noble, if you wear it to a dress, in which the chain for example the cut at the Dekolleté traces.Casual when you combine them to the belly-free look at the beach bar.

There is the right chain for every wear variant.I’ve looked at body chains in the research for this blogpost, which are worn just below the navel.Others, on the other hand, can only be combined to form a bikini top, because they are just over the chest.Each top would destroy the meaning and visibility of this chain.Logically, that belly chains only belly-free is possible.Why should you wear jewelery if you do not want to show it?Whatever jewelery you combine, depends entirely on the shape of the body chain.Vanessa Hudgens did everything right and then combined a pair of necklaces to the chain on the thigh.However, if the chain is extended around the shoulder or upper body, each further necklace is senseless.

Alternatives to the body chain

One disadvantage is this trend, however:It was created somehow only for women who have a model figure.Or at least approximately.Great and what do we do, the women who can never compete with the models from the advertising campaigns and perhaps do not even want to?We are smart and expand the topic of body chains simply.The jewelry is called “body chain”, because it can also sit on the whole body.Googled to “Körperschmuck” you get a lot of other jewelry.Then we simply wear arm and leg jewelery, which also goes beyond the extensive idea of ​​bracelets and co.Footwear, which winds up from the toes to the ankles.Bracelets that decorate the entire hand like a traditional henna tattoo.But would rather only wear one of these two pieces at once.Then it can be particularly good.And one thing is quite clear:this summer, jewelry will look quite different.A much more diverse, daring and (a little) more provocative.

And will you trust this summer to carry body chains and other body jewelry?