Blankets and Sleeping Bags

Full of sleeping comfort with the ceilings sleeping bag

Is a blanket? Is it a sleeping bag? Both! A ceiling sleeping bag is an airy lightweight sleeping bags, which is closed by a zipper. Completely open the ceilings sleeping bag can be used easily as a blanket. Ceiling sleeping bag are super spacious and offer powerful sleeping comfort. Almost like in the home bed. Whether camping, trekking, traveling, at the Festival or the CouchSurfing, the night will remain always nice cozy!

Comfortable, warm, and versatile

A ceiling sleeping bag is a simple light weight that is very versatile. He has plenty of space, has a small pack size, is super comfortable and designed to warm and moderate temperatures. Some models are with each other can be coupled through the zipper. We have a spacious double sleeping bag or a couple sleeping bag “handy”trainings camp. Through its thin consistency, the ceilings sleeping bag can be used super “indoor”. Ideal for the night at friends, the Pimasleepingbags or as a hut sleeping bag.

What ceiling sleeping bag for what situation?

There are ceilings sleeping bag articles in numerous variations, like most outdoor. The sleeping bags differ mainly in terms of filling and outer material. In humid climates, unless on a sultry summer night, tropical climate or it should be moist cold, a ceiling sleeping bag with synthetic filling. He can handle just fine with humidity and loses none of its heat output and “Fluffigkeit”. Cold and dry temperatures, outdoor access professionals to the model with a warm down. In General is sure the ceiling sleeping bag is designed for the temperature range. So you can experience any unpleasant surprises. In terms of material is to say: ceilings sleeping bag there with synthetic outer material like polyester or cotton. Combinations with cotton on the inside and synthetic fabrics on the outside are available.

Depending on the body size, it needs the right sleeping bag length also. Finally you will be not unpleasant restricted sleep. But fear not, the offer is varied. Whether large, small, with inner pocket, for individuals or couples: the famous brands like Therm-a-rest, VAUDE, Yeti or Exped offer as usual quality. But other well-known outdoor brands here show what they can do. Both in the form of ceiling or as a warm sleeping bag, a ceiling sleeping bag ensures a good night’s sleep!