BlackBerry Thunder, Appears on YouTube

A moment ago we told you about the HTC Touch HD, a serious candidate to compete in a market virtually created by the iPhone, in which other phones from HTC or Samsung have made interesting inroads, but unsuccessfully so similar products as expected to the terminal of Apple.

Now it is the turn of the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) and its anticipated BlackBerry Thunder, which will represent the first terminal with touch screen of the company. The video that kicks off this publication is the first in which appears the Canadian home terminal.

Despite the fact that the quality of the video’s YouTube It is not great, it helps us to know some details of the prototype existing above the BlackBerry Thunder, at first glance the terminal seems relatively compact, and with respect to the interface is not having a great capacity for reaction and fluidity in response to our actions.

We can see that it has accelerometer which allows among other things to change the screen orientation automatically from conventional mode to landscape, this functionality is present at the time both the menus introduce texts on the virtual keyboard, or when we are playing multimedia content.

Using the accelerometer, the full QWERTY keyboard is available in landscape mode only, however, if we put the terminal in a vertical, the virtual keyboard shown will have keys arranged in the same way you would a model SureType brand.

Apparently this new BlackBerry Thunder, also known as Storm, is expected to be launched in the coming weeks in the United States through the operator Verizon, with the name of Storm 9530.

Comment on the prototype of the video does not have WiFi connectivity, has 3.5 jack connector mm, and comes with an 8GB microSD card. They are data that can give us some idea of how the final terminal, but that they shouldn’t rely too.