Black Eyes Makeup Tips

Women with black eyes have the most penetrating gaze that exists. This tone is perhaps the ideal to make different types of makeup – even so, is essential to have in mind certain factors that were successful in highlighting them 100%. Learn how to master the art of makeup a few jet black eyes with these simple tips.

Give life to your eyes

Black eyes, like Brown, have the advantage of power be made up with almost any shade.

It is important to make the play of shadows and lights to form delicate but deep, notably eyelid contour. -Pearlescent – bright colors will do miracles in your eyes because it will give them life while you have a simple makeup.

For a natural look

If you want to look for the day, it uses clear shades such as pink, mauve, beige, champagne, and pearls, matte or bright versions.

According to this article, it is essential to sharpen the contours with chocolates tones or Brown, since they provide depth to the eye – make it moderately for a natural makeup. Test Revlon ColorStay 12 hours Eye Shadow Quad in Starlight will highlight the deep in your eyes. Use only black pestanina day also gives you a simple but polished look.

For a more sober look

If you are looking for an ideal makeup for the Office prefers the shadows in shades of green water, beige, colors, Earth, ochres and golds. Don’t forget Brown shade to define and give intensity. With this type of makeup, you manage to give shine to your eyes – especially if your skin is warm – without being so heavy. Women with dark eyes have the possibility of using black-simple eyeliner for the day, please – in the upper lashes.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in Sizzling Copper, Ivy Envy and Hot Cinnamon are excellent alternatives.

For a party look

Azabaches eyes have the blessing to match with any tone for the night. Deep, dark green, blue mother of Pearl, intense pink and Golden bright colors.

The palette, Urban Decay Book of Shadow Volume III contains all the perfect colors for your eyes. For a makeup at night, you can opt for a delineated in black or a subtle Smokey Eyes– make sure you do it on the outside edges. Several layers of black mascara or a few false eyelashes and voila! Visit its homepage for more.

Avoid these tones!

Females who carry black eyes simply must pay attention to your skin tone. A make-up according to your complexion – if you’re white, Brown or Tan – will be wonderful in your case as your eye color combines with almost any makeup. If you plan to do a look of eyes smoked provides evening care outlined: always make it on the outside, otherwise your eyes will look small. Do not overdo with black shadows, the effect would be extremely dramatic. It is important to note that black eyes need small hands of make-up to avoid seeing you deslavada – attempts to apply, at least, a layer of black before leaving.

It prepares your skin

If your skin is white, use humidification, Foundation and concealer is essential to conceal any imperfections and give emphasis to your eyes deserve. On the other hand, if you’re Brown or you want a touch of colour, a golden or bronzing powder will be helpful. Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF 15 is a must-have for the summer and a must in your makeup bag. It depends on the color of your hair, define your eyebrows with one tone more clear only to give him more strength to your look. Test It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil, incredible running for Blondes, chestnuts, and pelinegras.