Black And White – The New Summer Break!

This summer, you should put your colorful glasses, because the new trend is Black and White! I was still told that the world is not black and white, but wonderfully colorful, but fashionable we have to re-plan now. Who now thinks how dull, I must teach the better, because black and white Kombis can more than one at first glance. Whether single-colored, striped, dotted, with pointed details, jewelery adornments, waterfall cut, narrow or oversized – here goes a lot.

The benefits of the Black and White Trend

From now on, I do not have to think long before the wardrobe in the morning, what I dress and what fits. Because black and white always fits! The cleary look looks in my eyes wonderfully undisturbed and always chic. I just added a few new highlights to myself. Including a white short sleeve shirt with jewelry, a dark shorts and a black blouse. And what should I say? I’m in love!

Even for those of you who prefer rather relaxed outfits, the Black and White trend works well. A simple white trousers with a black shirt or a black jeans with patterned shirt and sneakers can look great during the day. For an appointment in the evening, if it is a little more elegant, you can help with red lipstick, nail polish and silver jewelry!

Another advantage of not to be dismissed by hand is: Black makes slim! The dark tone makes every figure slimmer to cheat and flowing materials support this effect! Well, with the white things you have to be a little bit watchful, because pants are applied faster, but by the radiant white they look wonderfully fresh!

Outfit Combinations Black and White

Also our design has a few thoughts and a few outfit combinations for you thought.

Have fun shopping!

You can find more ideas on how to style the new black and white parts in our blog contribution to the summer look. At our blogger event in Mallorca, we asked eight fashion bloggers to style their favorite pieces for the summer.