Bikinis that Alert You of The Sun Burns

Imagine going to the beach to soak up the Sun, be relaxed, and that your own bikini you warned that you are about to burn you? As is now possible with bikinis wearable, the newest trend in intelligent fashion.

Thanks to a French brand of intelligent bathroom linen, now can go to the beach and get alerts when should sunscreen be applied. We we told you the secret of this brand that is revolutionizing the world of the wearables.

Spinali Design is the first signing of intelligent clothing, which combines the convenience of swimwear with 21st century technology. The rise of wearables, or intelligent fashion, never stops growing. Our lifestyle brands such as Gucci are already implementing this technology in their accessories, turning into something completely modern: every time we are more linked to new technologies, and just see how are the bikinis of this firm to realize this. Judge for yourselves!

The bikinis of the firm include a water resistant electronic sensor and controlled by the State of our skin when exposed to the Sun. A notice to our mobile – with an apppreviously unloaded, we know when it touches apply us sunscreen to the skin. In addition, this mobile application of these bikinis specifies the skin of the user, and the desired degree of tanning that wants to acquire. A modern way of protecting us from solar radiation and take care of the Tan our skin. And is that cada year dermatologists warn us of the dangers of exposure to the Sun without taking the necessary precautions, which in addition to cause burns on the skin can cause melanomas.

That Yes, we must prepare well the portfolio, since each set of bandeau swimwear from Spinali Design costs €149 approximately. We can pick and choose the color, print and bikini Web designs. These designs of bathroom linen regulate and make a seffi’s the State of the skin with sunlight.

Do you think this fusion of fashion bath and technology?