Bikini in 5 Questions

What Could Be Worse Than Trying A Bikini In Winter?

Nothing Can Be Worse.

In fact, nothing can be worse than trying on a bikini, especially here in Porto Alegre, especially white made a peach bug, especially after the winter ravage, especially in those tiny dressers of stores with that damn light directed to the damn breech.

Do you know how many years I do not buy a new bikini? You know? SIX!. I have not bought a new bikini for six years. Because?

Because I refuse to go in the damn probes with light directed to the damn breeches.

Do you know when was the last time I bought a new bikini? In the summer of 2007, when I lived in Rio and I was tan – and wearing a bikini was almost an extension of my body.

Rio promotes these good sensations in people: to feel at ease within one’s own body, regardless of curvy, belly, and breeches.

With Me, At Least, It Was Like That.

I loved Lenny’s bikinis, and I discovered a stockpile there on Maria Quitéria Street. Lenny Bikinis with more than 50% discount. Do you know what this is? Paradise. Well Lenny bikinis with more than 50% discount were the last pieces that I bought.

I like Lenny’s bikinis because they do not last a summer. They last forever. And they do not go out of style, they are timeless. And best of all: they are GREAT!

Big Panties, Big Bra, Good Stuff, You Know?

I started talking about the subject because I received the result of a research that analyzed the behavior of the Brazilian at the time of buying beachwear. And I stopped to read with the greatest interest.

Let’s Do It By Steps:

Women aged 18-49 were interviewed, living in Germany, Brazil, the United States, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. According to the study, the Brazilian is the one that is more attentive to the quality of the product (68%), followed by the American ones (49%) and later by the Germans (48%).

Of the total surveyed in Brazil, most women (88%) have a bikini in the closet, almost half (41%) have a swimsuit (I have !!) and 14% have a tankini – a set composed of camisete and bikini (I had it !!) . The Brazilian women (69%) bought one, two or three pieces of beachwear in the last year and wore it more than seven times over the same period. I did not buy anything!

Most Brazilians who consume (82%) plan to purchase this item before entering the store. Among the reasons that lead you to buy are:

1) Going on vacation (59%). 2) She saw a piece that interested her (47%). Do you know when I’m going to buy a bikini just to buy? NEVER! 3) Tired of the old piece (46%). Do you know when I’ll go to a dressing room just because I get tired of a bikini? NEVER! 4) Bikini is deteriorated (31%). Then maybe I’ll have a dressing gown.And look there!

When investing in a piece of beachwear women pay:
1) Between R $ 21 and R $ 60 (70%)
2) Between R $ 61 and R $ 100 (17%);
3) More than R $ 100 (4%)
4) less than R $ 20 (9%).

I fall into the category of the most expensive. But remember: it’s been six years since I’ve bought a new bikini. And they are as new.

Among the characteristics that they consider most important in a beach fashion piece are:
1) No lacear (79%)
2) Feeling good (77%)
Excuse me a little ….

Feeling good about bikini ?

3) Stay in place (74%)
4) Not be transparent (72%)
Ah, good. ..
5) Be comfortable (70%). Comfort for me is this here