Best Types of Lamp for Every Room in the House

Environment lighting is something that has a great value when it comes to electrical projects for a House. So, it is very important to use the correct types of lamp for each environment, thereby getting the best efficiency of each model and the best possible feeling of well-being.

But with a variety of commercially available lamp types, with different colors, formats and intensities, we ended up staying in doubt about which one to choose, isn’t it? Especially if we put on the scale the savings for the use of each of these products.

To try to help you in this choice, separated here some important tips which show the model to be used in each environment, as well as how best to implement each of them.


If you are already familiar with the white light in the kitchen, she can make the assessment of the aspect of the food, because it changes the tone of them. In France, for example, restaurants are prohibited from making use of this lamp type for this reason. But, if you do it like this kind of lamp in your project, use a yellow shade lamps for balance.

If you use a single light point, opts for the PL. If you wish to highlight only a few points, as the table or refrigerator, 20 PAIR spots will be a great solution. Others can be well exploited are the dicroicas, but these are more common in some shops.


Although this area allow a greater exploitation of creativity in the choice of lighting, prefer the yellow shades, such as PL ‘ s. These models are more economical and also offer a diffuse and lighting without shadows. This will make quite a better view of the environment. Spots meet a nice decorative paper and are great to highlight pictures, sculptures and other objects, especially those that enable direct beams of light. For these cases, we recommend the following lamps: 70 and 111 AIR AIR (stylish and adjustable focus), 20 (economic and comprehensive focus) or the dicroicas (these highlight a smaller area, but heat up more the environment). We also have the LED models that greatly reduce energy consumption, but have a higher value.

Living Room

For this environment, the recommended is an indirect lighting for readings and conversations.Here you can use wall sconces on the walls or even plaster mouldings you can embed fluorescent lamps. Important thing is to always be yellow light, do give a more natural environment.


For these environments, we recommend that they be used the PL’s electronic. These lamps can be supplemented with 20 PAIR spots that will highlight furniture, frames and give a more inimista environment.


White lamps also are not the most suitable for this kind of space, because they can change the natural color of the skin, may induce the excesses in time to put on makeup. In these environments, the lighting can be made also with electronic yellow tone PLs.


To this corner of the House, there’s not much mystery, because the PL white electronic has all the ideal characteristics, as well as some of the best cost-benefit ratio.

As we could see, very simple, your lighting design has everything to make it work and enhance all your home environments. It is worth noting that, between lamp types that are chosen, one should not make use of incandescent bulbs, because they are no longer on the market, as have several losses, among them the large consumption of energy, and are even prohibited.

See how the types and lamp shades can influence a lot on the environment? How about letting your comment down here telling us what you think and sending other questions?