Best Towels for Sauna


Imagine times, the sauna would be lined with gray tiles and lighting candles funselt not yellow and warm in front of him, but bathes everything in solid cold white light. All around wintry ashen body, wan faces, pale skin, 50 Shades of Grey. Little nice thought. Color is important for our wellbeing. We associate certain things with certain colors. Grey is not ugly per se, quite the opposite. But a few color accents between the many shades of gray do well donate well-being and sometimes even happiness…

The sauna towels from provide the answer. In the sauna you are looking for (and female) relaxation. And heat. Maybe even some comfort and security, homeliness, comfort … Nice thought, is not i

The sauna towels Munich brand talihto are there to give people a very personal touch of color along the way. Those looking for peace in the monte mare spas or the beach, wearing nothing more than his skin with him (or in the sauna). What can be taken anywhere: One or two or three towels to dry off, put it, wrap and feel therein well. Warmth. Security.Homeliness. Cosiness. The color on the body that you like best: Whether classic red, green, blue and yellow or fanciful stepped in sky, terra, wine, peppermint, pink grapefruit – the cloth assortment of talihto there are 22 very unique hues, also various patterns and colorful striped hammam towels in various cotton strengths, all traditionally woven in Turkey. And talihto the collection works in his designs with associations: The product lines are called Aqua, Spa, Terra, Mare or Vela. Well, you already see yourself in a distant land sit under the palm tree or even listening to her already bubbling water or the wind rustling in the sails?

Especially in winter, when it gets dark early, the sky is overcast and creeps a damp cold under the clothes, playing with the idea is extremely pleasant.Starting in the heat, for example in one of our monte mare equipment, clothes down, a soft red wine (or apple green or yellow sun …) scarf around her waist and down to the sauna. Something can certainly make you happy. Talihto advertises offer “lucky towels” (the brand name is derived from Turkish “talih” what “happiness” means). And color plays for Munich a central role, her claim is credo and request at the same time:

Take your color! Nonetheless, there is a talihto also in black. And one or two Shades of Grey. The course is not so hot, but association according to Stone and lava.

Who can still approve a very personal touch of color before the next visit to the sauna and confess a little color, the had a look at the website of talihto Recommended . In selected monte mare bathrooms nice homemade booklets and postcards are available, with appealing photographic subjects that arose near the monte mare Schliersee – in the cool October at a small lake in the Bavarian mountains.


With a little luck you can exclusively one of 3 luxury talihtos line “talihto Terra” in color “Tuscany” win with us in monte mare blog.Exactly in this dank and gray days brings “talihto Terra Tuscany” you color, warmth and well-being. View you can watch the ‘happiness blanket’ on Our site.

Participation: Contact us at the password “My happiness cloth” an email by 30 December 2014. From all entries we raffle randomly 3 winners. Please add in the email your full name and your address and sends it to Our site.