Best Pillow for Travel

Why you should not buy?

There are a multitude of accessories of comfort to travelers. Among these small facilities specially designed for the well-being of passengers, whether by plane, train or car, some are to be avoided at all costs. This is the case of trip PVC inflatable pillows and cushions. You will quickly discover why…

Deplorable comfort and support

All cushions, be they in microbeads of polystyrene, foam or even inflatable, are in principle designed to bring extra comfort to the person who wears it. It must be acknowledged that this clearly isn’t the case of inflatable models…

Indeed, after testing many models, including those of the biggest brands like Samsonite, Delsey or Go-travel, the verdict is always the same. Maintaining the head is not at the rendezvous according to because no inflatable travel pillow is large enough to properly support the neck and neck during a sideways or front of the head.

This is explained by the nature of the pillow and airbag models.
Not enough air, an inflatable plastic pillow will be of no use, and your head will necessarily tilt forwards, backwards, or sideways.
Too inflated, the effect damping of the cushion will be totally wiped and you’ll find yourself with a hard pillow, which will literally cut your neck and your shot…

So why not inflate it halfway? It’s finding the right balance between too inflated and deflated?

The answer is simple: even when inflated “correctly”, a travel pillow to fly, to go hiking, camping or go to the beach, to plastic will never be level models foam or even better models of travel memory pillow. This Earth Travel buying guide will help you understand How to choose a wedge travel neck pillow.

The reason is obvious: the nature of airbags is that they provide an absolutely uncomfortable effect of springs.When used with aircraft or any other means of transport, the inflatable pillow will have a role of spring with shock of the turmoil linked to the plane, in the car or other disturbances. Instead of being damped, the head will “bounce” which will accentuate the effect of flexion and extension of the neck muscles and neck, at the base of the neck pain, stiff neck and headaches.

This kind of side effects does not appear with a cushion shape memory foam neckproviding as to them optimum support of the head.

Guaranteed ‘cold’ effect

Another big downside to cheap travel inflatable pillow models is their temperature. The air in the membrane of the cushion is cooled very quickly. Unlike foam models, heat exchange between the membrane of the airbag and its environment lead to a cooling of the temperature of the air inside the cushion. This is especially true when the inflatable pillow is used in the cabin of an aircraft, in which the air is particularly cool and dry.

Limited lifetime

What good buy a model of inflatable travel pillow cheap to fly if it is to never use it. According to Travel Earth, it is the design of these inflatable accessories plastic which makes it an extremely fragile travel pillow. The life expectancy of this cushion type is generally limited to a few trips. Indeed, the leaks appear in general after only a few uses.

Do not try to repair an inflatable pillow that flees: it was useless. Unlike the patch of a bicycle air Chamber, on which a permanent pressure is exerted, the inflatable travel pillow is not repairable…You can still try but your repair attempt will prove vain, regardless of the brand of your airbag.

What model to choose then?

The cushion shape memory Udream is a high-end model that has a structure in memory foam shape and unique features that make it particularly pleasant and comfortable during your travels.

If do you not like the shape memory models, you are free to choose another brand of travel cushion but please, especially not only buy an airbag into thinking that it will help you sleep better by plane, by car or by train, you’d be really disappointed…