Bershka Spring/Summer 2012. Long Navy and Much Denim in Its February Lookbook

Like many other firms Bershka It also points to the new fashion of the monthly lookbooks, small strokes where each month are discovering what it can offer us every season collection.

Today we show you the February Lookbook where as it is hoped Bershka shows us a collection quite juvenile, with garments and looks very urban that without great fanfare, it come to cover a very specific market share for this spring/summer 2012.

In this lookbook group firm Inditex shows for us several trends that might be termed Basic in the more casual style.

As you can see the trend navy Returns to the male wardrobe. Horizontal stripes and nautical-inspired sports footwear are already a basic resource in any menswear collection that boasts and not left alone in the traditional blue but that experiments with new colors such as khaki.

And if the navy is a trend that never fails, what I say the denim?. Bershka again returns to the fray with hoodies & jackets-denim, all a trend that repeats another season, and are already a few…

As there is no two without three, the navy and the denim joins les in this collection another basic stamping such as pictures, or the box vichy to be more exact.

Particularly the option of the look that show us seems overloaded, although separately, could be a good option to complete our background of Cabinet.

Although the bet is not so varied when it comes to reviewing the pants. We find jeans or some other type pants cargo… Although perhaps where more assortment will find they will be in the Chinese classics You seem to be the option most often used in this lookbook (in khaki and Garnet).

Indeed, again we become to introduce jeans remangados up to the height of the ankles, (a not very advisable option for cooler days) accompanied by marked retro sneakers or nautical-inspired booties.

In short, Navy & denim everywhere is what we show for the month of February, little or has nothing to do with the previous lookbook (month of January) where proposals be anything other Thursday at least provided a somewhat more sophisticated and innovative air which were used. We will see what the path that takes this collection at the next lookbook.