Belly: Welcome, Third Quarter

We’ve arrived in the third quarter. How goes fast!

Because it is not enough that already it’s hot and the belly still grows in geometrical progression!

This is usually the stage of pregnancy at which more fattening during the nine months. So, is it worth super if take care from the first month to gain weight healthily since the beginning and feel good until the very end.

This is the phase that starts to get more difficult to make our closet continue yielding without us having to buy new things. But, believe me, it is possible! On the other hand, if you have followed all the tips that we have taken so far, will be extra credit if you need to buy a little something at this stage.

That said, prepare 3 commandments of style to help you in that third quarter. We’re going to them?


If there comes a time in life when you must repeat clothes, this moment is the final stage of pregnancy. For more sick you are of his plays, to buy clothes at that stage is not the best choice. The body is changing so much and, even if you take back to your body pré-gestação, will hardly want to be wearing the same clothes in this final phase after you have the baby. So seize the moment to use literally what fits you.

For those who enjoy oversized parts, it’s a great opportunity to use them. The difference is that they are not going to be as oversized as they were before.

  1. All Parts Versatilizarás Elected

Who ever follows our tips here at UASZ since the beginning have to remember how we talked about the famous third piece, right? For those who are reading for the first time, we explain: the third piece is a great resource for versatilizar productions and give long life to the looks.

As she does not have to be tight and should not be used closed, you can be sure that she will accompany you during the entire pregnancy.

In addition to the functionality, the third piece adds style and completely changes the face of production. And the best: anything goes! Of the Cardigans, vests undergoing kimonos, blazers and even open shirts.

As big as our love for the third piece is our love for accessories. They have the same power of versatilização, with the bonus of being lighter (perfect pro heat) and, most times, cheaper than a piece of clothing.


But then you’re reading this post, with 38 weeks gestation and thinking: “these two don’t know what they’re talking about! Nothing fits me and I still have two weeks to this baby! ”

Calm down! We swear that you know. We’ve been in this same situation and Carol is pregnant with second baby aaaand’s in the third quarter. So, believe me: #tamojunto!

Our tip is: try to really buy what is really essential. The idea is not to spend a lot on clothes that have a limited shelf life for you.

If you need to buy something at this stage, be aware of these three points:

If you need parts, choose fabrics and squishy with adjustable waist

If you need parts from above, prefer neutral tones to ensure versatility

If you need clothes for special occasions, give preference for fabrics that have a bit of spandex or that are easy to adjust. So you can use them again without the belly.

We hope you enjoy the tips and enjoy a lot these last few weeks with great care and style!

Oh! And, as always, do not forget to leave tips, questions and suggestions at, so we can respond in the next few posts.