Bed Linen and Bedspreads

Sprint relay in comfort and cosiness in our home, we often make thoughtless mistakes, namely his desire to quickly obtain a comfortable bed linens, pillows, etc. Practical experience is the most important for you to find those hits that really should not miss this applies only if you are “you” criteria that they must meet. And so today we decided to glimpse into the world of home comfort and beauty, giving you some really valuable tricks to be able to purchase not just good bedding, pillows, etc., and really excellent things that will rejoice every time.

Have you ever thought what exactly you want from each bed linen in your home, here we consider strictly its functional qualities, not stylistic performance. Maybe some of you will say to comfort others – safety, while others – quality. It is this your fault, dear readers. Sumptuous and excellent hits home must cover all these conditions, not just one!
Surely themselves are faced with this experience, having purchased pillows that might seem very quality and comfortable, but the reality is not.

One of the most common mistakes is that many of you can not distinguish whether you like your bed linens, pillows, etc. They are well colored or not. If you do these things lose their color after 1-2 washes, then here’s a very quick and easy trick that you can do yourself when you are in the store. Take with you swab to remove makeup or a small piece of cotton. Once you have liked a set of blankets, pillows, sheets, bedding or other items just slightly rubbed on cotton fabric. If cotton remains even a slight trace, then these expert easily put paint is best not to buy a home. Besides not aesthetic side of such purchases, you can harm and their health, ie due to the use of cheap and low quality paint to color the fabric.

Size matters for women, but not only in life but also in the home. Yet most beloved series of ladies ‘Desperate Housewives’ is much more fun and cheerful when viewed on large plasma and not of miniature televizorche than 10 years ago. This also applies to other subjects of volumes you, but they have a rule. This means that your bedding needs to be larger than the mattresses, but in any event not less. Moreover, our advice is to buy sheets with elastic bands, because they are more practical and easy to use. Elegance should not be only a faint dream in the mist, but a reality, because anyone can transform your home into a beautiful place to relax.