Beach Swimming Accessories

Take a sunbathing, collect shells, feel sea water on the skin. For the perfect day at the beach, it needs not only a well-fitting bikini, but other accessories. A pair of sunglasses will not only protect you against sunlight but keep dangerous UV rays away. So the sunglass is one of the absolute must-haves on the beach like beachwear according to WHOLESALEABLY. A straw or raffia hat will protect your long hair and cool the head and provide a great hippie summer look. Never miss a pair of espadrilles or sandals for the beach. Choose the shoes that match your bikini, and make your beach presence particularly harmonious.

A pareo or a silk tunic will protect your arms, shoulders or waist from the scorching sun and make you look super elegant. With them, you can take even a long walk on the beach without getting too much sun. Simply put it in a spacious beach bag when not using, you can perform good in the evening casual.

Matching jewelry for the beach should be carried without any bags. With the right accessories, a first-class beach look is guaranteed. Jewelry is shining on your tanned skin and reminds you of the glittering rays of the sun on the sea. The turquoise jewelry around the neck is especially in harmony with the colors of the sea. If you want more, try the hippie wristbands or gold bangles, which will give you endless charm. The chains at the ankle are also perfect for your beach outfit.


Summer, sun, beach and sea are really perfect only with a matching bikini. The bandeau bikini is a very feminine and trendy model for this season. Follow our guidance and find out whether a bandeau bikini suits you.

-With or without straps? The choice is yours. The detachable straps may help you decide.

-If you have a small bust, the bandeau bikini is the ideal choice for you. And there are padded models, which offer the breasts perfect fit and beautiful shapes.

-Never buy a too big bandeau bikini, which easily slip from the body. And don’t choose the one with narrow straps, which will make your shoulder uncomfortable.

-For ladies with plump bust, the bandeau bikini with underwire is a recommended alternative as it provides better grip. The bandeau bikini with a halter neck brings a feminine frame neckline.

-There are various colors for you to choose. Just select the bikini with a color flattering your figure and your style.

-Maintain your bikini for a long delight.

-To make your beach look perfect, add some accessories such as maritime jewelry, a silk scarf or casual espadrilles.