Be My Sexy Valentine

On the date where everything is pink, there are hearts, balloons, flowers, chocolates… And all the boring and sticky we already know Valentine; Why better do not give them a small, rogue twist? Perhaps you have curiosity or desire to be more daring and dogmas, prejudices, Moche and more do not dare to use a coordinated charming, a garter belt, and even a baby doll, so this month is the best excuse to set aside the Hello Kitty panties and wear lingerie, dare, and perhaps your underwear drawer gives a 360 ° turn with these brands you are surely going to worship.

By absolute law, in your drawer must have at least a coordinated Victoria’s Secret, not you can call fashionista if do not have why? Easy, is the brand of lingerie number 1 in the world; for those who have not had experience tell them that in addition to garments are very comfortable, make you feel the woman most sexy of the planet, has sets to suit all tastes, from the most daring without falling into the vulgar to more conservatives to the less lively. And I have two news, one good and one buena-mala; the buena-mala is that in Mexico there is a Victoria’s Secret shop only in Mexico City there are boutique exclusively from the Beauty line, which is quite well because their body creams are a delight and the good news is that your online shop longer shipments to Mexico, so there is no excuse.

If you don’t even want to make the jump to the big leagues begins with the basics, Oysho lingerie line is quite cute and comfortable, the only but I find him as everything does Inditex, a few months you have to renew your underwear drawer, but have to see the positive side, will not get bored or bored with the same clothes also if you’re a very shy girl to buy lingerie, remembers that there is already shop online in Mexico, if you know your sizes at Oysho already did it.

If you are bold but not both, then Women’s secret is for you, this Spanish brand has its charm, and there are shops in the major cities of Mexico, here only will find coordinated with a sexy touch but with good quality and reasonable price.

But if you’re already level expertise you need Intimissimi, this Italian brand I love, is of excellent quality (of course prices are higher but they are worth it) garments are exquisite taste and top materials, their collections are very feminine, flirty and very sexy-glamour. So put aside the pretexts and prejudices, we encourage you to look and feel amazing not only on February 14 if not every day, but the most important thing is that you do it to yourself, rather than for someone else.

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