Be Free Android Apps Drawer N?

There is still time so that we can see and learn more about the next version of Android, which we know not its name, but rumors are beginning to fill the networks. The latter? The possibility that Android N removed one of the most recognizable features of Android: the applications drawer.

The evidence compiled by Android Authority come from two sources that ensure that the version pre-release 7.0 Android lack this so recognized feature of Android, which means that all applications have their place on the desktop, just as it happens on iOS devices.

Loved by some, misunderstood by others

Since the beginning of Android, the drawer of applications has been one tool to customize the desktop of your mobile. To the has this place apart to list all installed applications, you can customize and sort the applications that you want to have more hand to whimsy on the desktop.

For many it will be inconceivable, but there are those who see in the application drawer an unnecessary step and a source of confusion. Is surely not your case, if you’re already used to the system, but if you tried to explain the difference between the main screen and the drawer of applications your grandfather, you probably understand better what I mean.

Of course, it would the first time experience “without drawer” coming to Android. Several manufacturers like Xiaomi or Huawei have experienced and implemented the idea. More recently, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 has a option to remove the drawer while the LG G5 without drawer of applications by default, although it can be activated. (more or less).

Still have to wait to the Google I/o may to learn more about Android N and have some of these rumours, although the trend towards a world without drawer and one iOS-Android experience more homogeneous seems clear. In any case, this does not mean that your favorite manufacturer does not include on your own your own drawer of applications, and will always be the blessed option of installing a third-party Launcher. Fear not, lovers of the drawers of applications: if it finally disappears, you take less, you have it in one way or another.