Maternity Bandeau Bikini

Bandeau bikinis usually have a strapless bodice in wrap form. In the antiquity, the Roman women wrapped a strip of cloth around the chest to cover their bust size. Thus, the bra was born. As in ancient Rome, “bandeau” here means a shirred fabric strips or a narrow band that covers the bust. In the early time, the bandeau bikinis are always strapless, but nowadays they are designed either with or without straps. What’s more, you can choose between two and single strap, which winds around the neck, called “halter”. Some bandeau bikinis have detachable straps, which are very convenient to take off as you need. With these advantages, the bandeau bikini belongs to the basic inventory in the beach bag of any style-conscious woman.

Maternity Bandeau Bikini

You can’t do without bikini, ready, go!

The summer is coming, have you prepare the fitted bikini for your beach vacation? A perfect bikini can conceal small problem zones and emphasize the advantages. Read the following and find out whether a bandeau bikini is the right choice for you.

Bandeau bikinis are generally great for women who have a regular-sized bust size. The upper part of bandeau bikini is simply made with a band in elastic fabric, so the plump bust may get less support than the other bikini tops. The women with a small, well-formed breast are suitable to wear bandeau bikini because it optimally emphasizes their natural shape.

There are also models with brackets, for example, triangle-bikinis. The two fabric triangles are ideal if you want to make a smaller bust size visually larger. A bikini with detachable straps can be adjusted depending on the mood and time with and without wear. Principle at each bikini is that the top should have a comfort fit. The breast should be kept in place securely. Measure yourself before buying a bandeau bikini. If you wear a bikini larger than your size, the top may slip away with the water. The too tight bikini is, however, can cause unsightly bruises, and have the breast become misshapen. Women who want some opulence feelings can try the models with extra padded cups or the variation with straps.

The bandeau bikini is not suitable for pregnancy women with large breasts, since they require a bikini, which can keep the breast in place and at the same time offer a nice round shape. The bandeau bikini can’t meet these demands, because it is usually wirefree so the bust has no support.

If a bandeau bikini is not so appropriate for you, suitable alternatives can be found. For example, you can choose a standard bikini, which features a top with underwire and mini panties. This model complements almost every figure. You should know that dark colors hide and less conspicuous, while flash and bright colors catch the eye. If you would like to be seen, select the wild patterns and prints in rich colors. If you want to keep a low profile, choose the quiet pattern or solid color bikinis in darker tones or black.