Badabulle Night Light

As you already know, I have the honor to be an ambassador of the brand Badabulle for several months now and this collaboration as Bad’addict gives me the opportunity to spoil yourself several times throughout of the year. This is the case today with this new contest in which I will propose you to win a pretty nomadic pilot firefly!

Nightlight for Children

I have not had the opportunity to test this pilot personally, but I find it really cute. Not you? Nomad, your child can take it with him during his nocturnal awakenings. It will then move in the darkness without fear. As its size is reasonable, you can even take it with you when you leave on vacation!Smart, she clings to the edge of the cot but it will of course be simply placed on a nearby piece of furniture according to your wishes. Soothing, soft lights (pink, purple, blue and green) are alternated to rock your baby and reassure him. Finally, it has a 15h autonomy to help baby sleep through the night. It comes in two colors equally beautiful: blue and plum.

So you like it?

Luckily since the brand Badabulle Joins blog My Lovely Heart to offer one (e) of you a pretty nomadic Firefly pilot. The winner can choose the color of his choice of night lights from josephnightlights.

To participate is simple, you simply have to love the Facebook pages of Badabulle and blog My Lovely Heart and share the contest on social networks (optional) if you want to earn extra chances (+1 luck each relay).

Do not forget to tell me the EXACT links to your relay (public)

otherwise I can NOT count your extra chances.

Additional information:-Open play for France metropolitan-Only one entry per household (same name, same postal address)-The contest begins with the publication of this article and will end March 27, 2016 at 18h-The winner will be drawn by Random tools and announced by edict of this article-the winner will have seven days to manifest itself if a new draw will be made-the lot is directly sent by the partner (I’m not responsible)-You can find it General Regulations of contests blog here

Contest Finished

First of all, thank you all for your many interests! I see this contest really liked you and it gives me great pleasure. Indeed, never a game organized on the blog had previously gathered many participants !!! You have been a total of 569 people to try your luck to win this beautiful night and you have accumulated all of you 819 chances to win . This means that the person selected at random is a real lucky!!! Random released the number 636 and it comes with Isabelle Boivin . Congratulations! So you won the pilot plum colors (as indicated on the form) I’ll contact you by email to tell you the good news. Others do not be too disappointed as other competitions will be held soon on the blog. Stay tuned! I wish you all a very good day.