Bad Habits to Avoid During Pregnancy

Go to sleep late, eat tons of chocolate, or want to do too many things at once: many of us have a bunch of bad habits. This is usually not bad – until you become pregnant!

Bad Habits to Avoid During Pregnancy

When expectant Mommy, there are many things that you should not do better.Smoking and drinking alcohol, for example. Probably the vast majority know it. But there are many more things that better should get pregnant women themselves. Oxfordastronomy lists these ten bad habits such as:

1. No Time for breaks

Job, household, recreational stress: Yes, we women usually way too much burden us. This bad habit should get virtually any woman. If you are pregnant, it is but high time. So the pregnancy without complications, you should regularly take breaks and not too much expect you. Listen to your body and take out the tempo of your everyday life.

2. No help take

A bad habit that we should at least stop us with a baby is to want to do everything alone. Accept any help offered to you. You must and should do everything alone.

3. About weight gain get angry

It annoys you about every half kilogram more on the scale? You should as quickly as possible get to you this frustration. In the nine months of pregnancy, the pointer of the scale rises steadily – and this must be so. In you, a baby grows up eventually.

4. Knowing and without thinking about food

Spontaneous desire for sushi? This is not normally a problem, but in the pregnancy you should you carefully consider what you eat. There are a number of foods that you should better avoid. Raw fish and raw meat, for example, just like pre-packaged cut salad or raw milk cheese. Eat first and think later, can end badly.

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5. Irregular food

Breakfast drop out or eat only hours later for lunch: also these are bad habits that have no place in a pregnancy. Your body needs new energy.

Tip: Regular small meals are especially important if you suffer from pregnancy nausea. By eating less, good agreeable meals, the symptoms will be relieved.

6 Tons of coffee drink

Coffee is not a no-go for expectant mums, but you should hold you back a little and drink no more than two cups a day. You are real coffee junkies, that hard you sure in the beginning, but hang in there! Drinks instead herbal or fruit tea.

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7. Reckless access to medicines

Quickly a little nose spray against the stuffy nose or a headache against the throbbing pain: For most, this is perfectly normal.It is expecting a baby, you should be more careful and read the leaflet or ask your doctor. Many drugs are prohibited in pregnancy.

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8. Too little movement

Hach, finally with a good conscience on the sofa relaxing! Nothing there. As expectant Mommy you should not push you before exercise. It is good for the baby if you regularly move. Also many pregnancy symptoms are relieved by moderate sport.

9 Later on move pelvic floor exercises

Actually, every woman should regularly exercise their pelvic floor muscles, expectant mothers should shirk but really not more from. Due to the hormone, the pelvic floor muscles are softer and looser during pregnancy. And you don’t want that when you sneeze or cough a mishap…

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10 Long Sun baths

Hach! So Sun is something fine. It is also understandable that her one last time want to enjoy the warm sunshine without child.However, The skin is especially sensitive during pregnancy and it burns faster. You cremt a double well and prefer lay in the shade.