Backpacking the Baker

It is not today that anyone following my postings here at DPB realized my passion for football. I have never hidden my admiration for the art created by the English (and improved for us, Brazilians).So I’m keeping a series called Backpacking Baker, for those who, like me, are lovers of the sport and dream know the main stadiums of Europe and the world.

Taking advantage of the climate of Euro that broke into the old country recently, bring a little about the main European stadiums I’ve ever quoted here. Gives only:

The Old Trafford-The Theatre of Dreams

Tradicionalíssimo House English club Manchester United, Old Trafford has been used by the main team in the city for more than 100 years since your founding in 1910.

With a capacity of more than 75000 spectators, the theatre of dreams is one of the main stages to world football.

Vicente Calderon Stadium 

The Vicente Calderón Stadium is one of those that fill the eyes of any style and football enthusiast. One of the first stadiums of Europe have all their seats covered by seats, the place breathes football and becomes a real boiler when their athletes take the field.

I had the opportunity to attend a game in this season’s Champions out there, was the confrontation of the octaves between Atletico Madrid and PSV and I can guarantee one thing: here breathe football!

Signal Iduna Park–Home othe Wall German Yellow

One of the latest moral reserves of world football, the Signal is characterized by vibrant tuning between cheerleaders and team, that when the ball rolls become one and make a deafening noise that intimidates any team who dares to face the home team.

Are more than 80000 voices that each game make the bleachers a sensational spectacle with your known mosaic.

Stamford Bridge-the Russian Empire in Central London

One of the most emblematic and traditional stages of Earth of the Queen is not, even remotely, run by her. The reins of the Blues since June 2003 is the Russian Roman Abramovich, when disbursed EUR 210 million for the actions of the team.

Roman transformed the traditional London Club a world power, and placed once the flag of the Blues among the most traditional of sports.

El Camp Nou

Maybe the stadium that have seen trophies being erected in its dependencies in recent years, the home of Barcelona is exaggerated at all. Absolutely everything there is great, the field, the structure, history, team achievements.

This is the fifth largest stadium in clubs in the world and the largest in Europe.

The Grandeur othe Santiago Bernabeu

There was no way to quote Barca without citing your main rival immediately following, the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, before calling the Stadium they play, is one of the largest and most imposing works of modern football.

One of the most famous stadiums in Europe, which now holds more than 81000 people, has been the home of the world’s leading players, and have your squad led by none other than the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

Anfield Stadium and the Tradition of English Football

The Anfield was inaugurated on 28 September 1884 and is today the home of the traditional team of Liverpool. Forget everything you’ve ever seen on large arenas, giant stadiums, multi-use arenas and everything, at Anfield you’ll find what it since your inauguration aims to deliver: a football stadium.

With your stands more like an extension of the bench, the traditional song of English fanatics “You’ll never walk alone” could not make more sense than this location.

Celtic Park-The Stadium with the Best Atmosphere ithe World Is in Scotland

And that the statement above is not mine, but of none other than Lionel Messi who said: Celtic Park is a hard place to play, it’s never easy to get a result there. We knew to expect difficulties there in the draw. But all that were involved in the games against Celtic want to return. It’s the best atmosphere I’ve ever seen in Europe and want to go back there.

Home of Celtic Football Club, the stadium is located in Parkhead in the area in Glasgow, Scotland is the second largest soccer stadium from all over the United Kingdom, behind only the Old Trafford (I mentioned at the beginning of the text). Find school backpacks on Cancermatters.