Back On Campus-Fashion For The University Day

As you may have noticed, I had very little time for the past few days to devote myself to the blog and write new articles. This was mainly due to the fact that my new, and last, semester has begun. This meant for me to get out of bed early in the morning, and often to press the (university) school bank late in the evening. Oh, I miss the semester breaks again!

But I also looked forward to the new semester. You can see his old-known fellow students, exchange all sorts of news and look forward to the new semester. But it is also always amusing to see how the new 1.Semestler make their way through the university day. They fall on like colorful dogs.

I wondered why the “freshlings” are already at 100m distance, that they belong to the fraction of the 1.Semester. One reason is certainly the somewhat different “style”, keyword “college look”. For at the latest after the school, the style of the clothing develops again in a certain direction, and I mean not necessarily sewn “patches” to the elbow. The clothes should be everyday, especially comfortable, but also adult.

This topic has not left me the following days and directed me to this article. What is “fashionable”?

Everyday Clothes For The University

One often throws a lottery at us: sleepy, lazy, idle. Since the introduction of the Bachelor / Master system, however, this looks quite different. – get up at 08:00 at the latest and rush to the university to get at least in time if the presence is checked. Then one lecture after another, and if one is lucky, there is a lunch break between them. In the evening one comes home and has the feeling that the head bursts.

On such a day it is of course also important to have the right outfit.It has to be fast in the morning, so you have no time to think big: “Oh, I just put on the un-ironed shirt from two days ago.”

College Look

In the following I would like to present you two looks of the men’s fashion, which are perfect for the school or college. Casual, comfortable, but also adult based on FashionisSupreme. The course is oriented towards the current trends and the season of 2011.

The SUIT Up Look
I recently introduced the Scandinavian brand “SUIT”. This is exactly my taste for the subject. Reason enough to dedicate her own outfit.The covered beige tones fit perfectly at this time of year and this insanely beautiful jacket will keep you warm! The rustic shoes from “Campus by Marc’O Polo” complete the entire outfit.

Scotch&Soda Look
I should slowly stop writing about this brand, but she is simply my big love in autumn/winter. The look is always always casual, never too serious. Almost as if you were returning home from a 10-year exile from Canada. The chino, the flannel shirt and the leather jacket make the outfit an all-round leisure look.

I hope you liked the two outfits. This kind of product presentations and recommendations I find personally quite nice. If you liked the article, please give it a “Like”, then I will make something more often.