Baby Tiffany Blue Room:Check Out 12 Decorating Ideas

Let the baby’s room more beautiful and charming using turquoise blue.

The nursery blue Tiffany is among the main trends of decoration. This color has the ability to let the more charming, elegant and with a modern look. Not to mention that allows multiple combinations and has a unisex footprint. Check out inspirational ideas!

At some point in your life, you’ve probably bumped into each other with the Tiffany blue color, also known as turquoise. That tone, which for a long time was associated with the jewelry store Tiffany & Co, is used for decorating different rooms of the House, even the baby’s room.

Ideas for decorating baby room Tiffany blue

Tiffany blue is nothing more than a blue-green, which incorporates the refreshing and relaxing effect of the ocean. It can be combined with white or other light shades in order to leave the decoration look more romantic. There is also the possibility to use the turquoise with brighter colors and joyful, as is the case with pink and red.

We have selected some ideas for decorating baby room Tiffany blue. Check out for wall decorating ideas:

1-Combination with gray

A combination that is super high is the Tiffany blue with light grey. This pair is perfect for decorating rooms for male and female. Look at the image below and if you breathe in the use of these two colors.

2 – combination with pink

This history of using pink and white in nursery female was in the past. The trend now is to bet on the combination of colors with personality, as is the case of Turquoise with pink. Try painting the wall of Tiffany blue and wearing pink alive in the details.

3-colored Furniture

You want to preserve the neutrality of the walls? Then include turquoise furniture in the nursery. A small corner of that color, for example, can be positioned close to the Chair of breastfeeding. She will serve as a support for a lamp.

4-featured Wall

The wall, when painted turquoise, creates a perfect contrast with the white furniture. She is even more beautiful and unique when you win an illustration, such as tree with falling leaves. This design increases the feeling of freshness and tranquility of color.

5 – chevron Pattern

The combination of Tiffany blue chevron print leaves the environment with a modern and relaxed atmosphere. The zig-zag can appear on the carpet, curtains or even the trousseau.

6-antique furniture

You want to let the baby’s room with a Provencal air? So bet on m old restored furniture. The crib with canopy and the dresser with little feet are perfect options for furniture.


The comics with turquoise Fund responsible to leave the wall more colorful and customized. Don’t forget to bet in a white frame and lightly worked for each piece.

8 – with flowery frame

Still has free space on the walls? So try to include a mirror with frame crafted in the baby room decor. This piece looks great on the dresser.

9-decorative objects

You don’t have to buy new furniture or paint the walls? So bet on decorative objects of the Tiffany blue color. Lamps, hygiene kits, shelves and pillows are good options to enhance the tonality.

10-Cradle turquoise

The cradle turquoise has everything to become the highlight of the nursery. Therefore, open hand of conventional mobile and bet in this play different.

11-Roof of carousel

To make the nursery more playful, turning the roof into a veritable carousel. The combination of Tiffany blue with Pink is the strongest super cheerful and creative decoration.

12-nautical Theme

Light blue-green can be used to create a nautical decor. To do this, simply combine it to white and Navy Blue. It is also worth abusing figures such as anchors and whales, which bring out the navy style.

And there? Like the ideas for decorating baby room blue Tiffany? Have more suggestions? Leave a comment.