Autumn Jackets 2012: Bomber jacket

The attentive reader has already noticed that we had the topic “Bomberjacken” already times, to be exact already on 22.03.2012. At that time, our recommendation was particularly hot on Facebook, bomber jackets are still a lot of negative pressure.

What we then propagated as “hot-shit” for the spring, has now arrived at the end of summer also with the big fashion houses.Bomber jackets are THE trend for autumn 2012!

What does the bomber jacket do in 2012?

She is no longer so brawny and muscular. The bomber jacket has significantly slimmed down and comes out significantly slimmer and lighter therefore, almost like a mixture of college jacket & blouson. So much more a Harrington blouse than a “brown costume”. Characteristic of this is the narrow collar, the short fit and the centrally placed zipper. The choice of material and color is hardly a limit: Whether shimmering polyester, worn leather or woolly-warm felt. The cut sets the tone!

autumn combination

The man wears the bomber jacket this autumn, of course, in muted colors. Beige, gray and black are the safest versions according to jacketpanel. But also colors such as Bordeaux red or mustard yellow can stand, but do not have to! – The Bomberjacke can be combined with almost anything without problems. With a casual t-shirt, a shirt or even a single-colored roll-neck sweater (this autumn / winter also absolute must-have!). Then a chino or jeans and of course boots!

Bomber Jackets Recommendations

So that you can imagine the trend more figuratively, I have selected some really nice and mostly cheap items:

If you have not listened to me at the beginning of the year, then perhaps you have the courage to attack the “Bomberjacke” because the English are already a few steps ahead of us. I am of the opinion, one should take off such negative association simply times, since the jackets are just attracted are really nice and many combination possibilities allow. -But as always, your opinion is important to me, what do you think of the trend?