Applications of Cell to Go Camping

Today, many camping with wifi and, although many argue that go on holiday is disconnected, the phone can be an ally in nature. Therefore we present below some useful apps to go camping.

To Learn About The Climate

When we go camping, it is essential to save on space and having the right clothes. Not to take more or wrap to be prepared in case it rains, there is the AccuWeather. This application provides data on climate, is free and allows you to see more accurate and personalized forecasts possible.

To Pack

It’s best not to forget anything, both before you go travel as when we return, is to assemble a list. Trailer Camping Trip Planner (Android) and Camping checklist (iPhone) are two applications that help you to organize camping luggage. You can use the preset categories or create custom to make your own list and to check what you’re keeping. The point against is that applications are paid.

For The Darkness

To go camping a flashlight is inevitable, but it can sometimes happen that we stay without batteries or that we do not have it at hand. For these cases, there is the Tiny Flashlight (Android) and the LED Light (iPhone) that the screen of the cell phone becomes a lamp or Flash of camera equipment as a flashlight.

Against Mosquitoes

Anti mosquito (Android) and Bug Spray (iPhone) emit an ultrasound imperceptible to the human being who frightens both mosquitoes and other insects.

Always Ready

Popular Knots (Android) and Free Knots (iPhone) are guides to make knots step by step.

Super Compass (Android) as Compass++ (iPhone) are applications of compasses ideal to explore and find North.

Survival Guide is a survival manual for extreme situations or emergencies.