Apple: Again Record Profit For The Last Time?

Apple is heading for 2007 on the first drop of in iphone sales since its launch. Sales will decline in the current quarter in the previous year, said CEO Tim Cook. In the last holiday shopping season, Apple managed just a narrow increase of 0.4 percent to 76.8 million units. That was enough however to achieve almost a new record profit of 18.4 billion dollars (17 billion euros). The group is now sitting on a cash pile of 216 billion dollars.
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Weak economy, strong dollar

Apple pointed to weak economic growth in several major markets and massive headwinds due to the strong dollar, the foreign revenue in the conversion into the U.S. currency for the balance sheet lower look like. Cook spoke of extreme conditions, as we have never seen. Quarterly sales grew in the completed end of December quarter by 1.7 percent to $75,87 billion, as the company announced after the US market close on January 26, 2016. Excluding the negative currency effects, there had been a sales growth of eight percent, Cook said.

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Iphone: Apple remains at high-price policy

The Christmas business shortly after the new iphone models is traditionally the most important quarter for Apple. A year ago, Apple had earned 18,02 billion dollars in the period. At that time, the iphone sales with the launch of the first models with considerably larger displays 46 percent were jumped high. Now, the average selling price per iphone compared to 4 dollars to 691 dollars the year put to after all. While the unfavourable currency rates are $49 would have pushed him down, said Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri. Apple prices had increased in several countries, to compensate for the losses. The iphone is the most important product from Apple and contributed 68 per cent of sales in the last quarter. That Apple abandoned cheap smartphones offer, pushes up profits, but slows the market share in the highly competitive business. Across all product groups is now a billion Apple devices in use, it was said.

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For the current quarter Apple expects the first drop in sales for more than a decade. The revenue forecast was set at 50 to 53 billion dollars. A year ago, Apple still 58 billion dollar made sales in the quarter until the end of March. It had fallen at that time very much because still the demand for iphone had been completed after bottlenecks in the Christmas quarter, Cook said. Apple sold at the time of 61.2 million iphones.

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Also if Apple again reported records and continues billion profits: the problems at the company from Cupertino. So is fighting with clearly declining ipad Apple and desktop computer sales. Because even the newly introduced ipad Pro or imac with retina display could change nothing. It is while leading with the Apple Watch according to current market figures, however if the Smartwatch rather to a niche product. Innovations such as a TV subscription service for Apple TV increase; in the development of the icar, there will be problems.

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