Angry Birds Already Allows to Synchronize Items between Devices

An event that occurs more often than expected is that we both have a smartphone and a tablet to do very similar things. One of them is usually play to Angry Birds, but one of his biggest problems is that the items are not synchronized fully, doing that we lose many hours throwing birds with almost military strategies.

It is a feature that has been in the mouth of Rovio long was long overdue development. Today, after years losing items whenever we changed mobile or simply desintalabamos the game for any reason, already can synchronize items of Angry Birds among all our devices.

The procedure is very simple, because only we have to create our Rovio account by entering our data, among which will be a direction of electronic mail and password. Starting from there, if we want our games to be synchronized, simply have to loguearnos in the corresponding section of the game.

This will allow us that if move a part in our smartphone, then We can continue that same heading heading on our tablet, which can be very useful. The update has already llegaod the Angry Birds game and expect to take it to all the games that has made the company, which are not exactly few