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Check Out Angelica’s White Lace Dress Options And Get Inspired For Your Next Party!

Angelica is a famous Brazilian television presenter. His career began as a child in children’s programs, but his success was so much that he had several children’s programs of his own. Currently, Angelica has television programs for young and adult audiences.

In an evening event, Angelica wore a beautiful white lace dress, valuing her curves. This feminine dress is the inspiration for today’s post entitled Angelica’s white lace dress. Check it out and get inspired for your next ballad!

Angelica’s white lace dress is a modern dress, ideal for ballads, valuing the hostess’s body, without showing much. First of all, the wide neckline, which does not show much, stands out, being ideal for women with small breasts. Also, notice that the modeling outlines the curves, but does not squeeze Angelica’s silhouette.

It is worth emphasizing the slight fringes in the skirt, giving more modernity to the piece. In a party dress like this, sensuality and delicacy go together.

White Lace Dress Tips!

Brazilian online stores offer very simple white lace dress options, so it is important to look in international stores to find more sophisticated options. Check out some TIPS and TIPS:

  • This type of dress can be used quietly in sophisticated ballads and graduations,
  • Avoid white lace dress at weddings as only the bride can dress in white. It is very bad for a guest to dress completely in white to go to a wedding.
  • The lace is ideal for forming interesting but discreet looks, depending on modeling, color and length.

Check out some white lace dress options below  and get inspired for your next party!

White Lace Dress Options


This white lace dress is the simplest of the dresses shown in this post, being ideal for those who like to abuse accessories, with belts, bracelets and a modern shoe. Basically, this lace dress splits into the lacy top, which catches more attention, and in the loose skirt, but the waistline is outlined. It is important that the waist be highlighted in dresses alone, as this will enhance the body’s thinner region, and leave the look more harmonious.


This white lace dress is super romantic, ideal for sophisticated parties and also for New Year’s Eve. Its one-shoulder neckline is ideal for women with small to medium-sized breasts as it can not provide a proper support structure for large breasts. Also, this cleavage draws attention to the breasts and to the face, so it is important to have good earrings and flawless makeup.

On the back there is a charming neckline, but that does not show much. Finally, the evasé skirt and ribbon at the waist give sophistication, comfort and lightness to this beautiful white lace dress.


This white lace dress has a tubing dress style , outlining the curves strongly, but also can mark the greasy ones, still more for being a white dress. In addition, other details bring daring to the dress, such as transparencies on the belly and the broad round neckline on the back.

This dress is perfect for more sophisticated ballads. It is worth mentioning that the lace glows are essential to make this dress even more special and value the curves.


This white lace dress is feminine, but features elements that bring modernity to the piece, especially her high-necked neckline, allied lace at the top, and the triangular neckline at the back, super modern and different. To compensate for so much information on the top, the skirt is light and loose, but without too much volume.

This tip is important for those who want to wear bold looks, but without exaggeration: one part of the dress should compensate for the boldness of the other party.  If the two are bold, the look can be vulgar, if the two are very closed and simple, the dress will be modest and too simple.