Vodafone Recovered Grants with Low-End Smartphones 0 Euros without Payment by Instalments

The Vodafone REDvolucion arrived last fall, becoming the center of all its offer group rates, discounts and Mobile deadlines for they could combine with the flexibility that each customer to choose and improvements that are being gradually incorporated.

On this occasion, will be offering mobile installment which is completed with a new range 0, What free of charge in the monthly fee the respective associated fee, includes small grants of more basic catalog of Vodafone smartphones that will be available for 0 euros in portability, migration and renew with stay of 24 months.

Range 0 will have at the moment with three models like the Explorer HTC, Samsung Galaxy and PRO and Nokia Asha 302, terminals available on prepaid without any kind of permanence with prices between 110 and 120 euros, It would be the subsidized amount.

In total, seven are the ranges of smartphones available with Vodafone REDvolución with monthly payments of 0, 3, 5, 7, 12, 16 or 20 euros (plus VAT) available from 9 euros per month and additional to the fare chosen by each client.

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