Topman Camden ‘ 78: Goodbye to The Colors, Welcome The Prints

With Topman, fashion has no limits of any kind. If there is something that I particularly like this signing is that, despite not being purely of a low-cost, their garments and collections can be framed within what we call accessible clothing such as that found in Massimo Dutti or Uterqüe, with the difference that Topman makes some incredibly good studies of trends and fashion.

He is not afraid to innovate and knows that his designs do not like everyone, but what we cannot deny is that it exudes class and style on all sides and that difficult today, presents models and increasingly innovative and different ad. Welcome to Camden ’ 78.

The enrejillados they are a very current trend. We could see in the parades of presentation in Paris or Milan about the spring/summer 2012, last year they were going to hit very hard in almost all collections. Topman has preferred one discreet, with small openings and cuts asymmetric oversized.

The colors are left aside and you prefer, on a black background, playing with textures, cuts and an environment in general quite urban and underground, which we can find in the Camden market today.

Another big bets this mini-collection capsule, is the animal print and particularly the Leopard prints. Either we find them in their natural color, with spots small and distributed heterogeneously by the whole & #8230;

… either find it as part of decorative items, as it does this Blazer has decided to include it in the flaps of the same.

If on the contrary prefer somewhat more discreetly in grey tones, You can opt for a pattern of spots in black on a grey background ash and sisa t-shirts.

The color disappears completely, and although there are some exceptions like the t-shirts in box lumberjack in shades of white and Red & #8230;

… generally prefer looks in black, baggy cuts and stylish undeground that cuts do not follow any written rule and prefers asymmetry and baggy cuts rather than repeat patterns in designs.

Leather jackets, wide cut, collar shirts pants Baker or neck vertigo & #8230; a bit of eclecticism in designs and a lot of style urban in all garments.

Even the prints, both abound in the collection, they adjust to this trend retaining more dicretos and playing with the same color gamut.

In short a dark collection, something with which we have no used Topman lately recently views collections, which textures and cutouts on clothing rather than by the colors and that is specially recommended for all lovers of the underground subculture and the punk aesthetic more light,

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