Meizu Sum Agreements, This Time with AKG to Provide The Best Possible Sound

While all await the arrival of a Supreme MX Meizu who fails to become official, the truth is that the Chinese firm seems to have understood that not always the best is developed internally, and that sometimes alliances make progress.

Perhaps that is the reason why Meizu continue looking for agreements to improve on all fronts, and if a few days ago they announced that they were preparing new collaborations with AKG, Opera Browser and Pei Wo, today the first of these is made official.

The confirmation comes from China, where just making public AKG becomes partner of Meizu to sign already from all products related to the sound of the Chinese manufacturer.

In particular, it seems that the first joint work of both companies consist of throwing a headset, Although it seems given the image that will accompany to Meizu devices in its sales package, but rather more “professional” for sale will be an accessory separately.

Refers to a presentation that will take place tomorrow, with an imminent launch to a price around 90 euros.

We will see if this agreement helps Meizu to compete with the accepted headphones Xiaomi Piston, and also that JBL has designed for the OnePlus One.

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