Fred Perry Spring/Summer 2012 or Speech Made Way to Renew Itself or Die

It is clear that Fred Perry has been well taken seriously as “renew itself or die” in their latest collections. It has become a clear example of how with a little imagination and effort you can get one collection current and to rise to the occasion without forgetting the roots and the original spirit with which departed at the start in the world of fashion.

A culture printed mod in all your clothes, necks closed in cotton pique, the trim on the lapels, or the triple set of buttons for your pole have become the hallmark of one of the more classic and followed at the same time. With all of you, Fred Perry spring/summer 2012.

We begin with the poles and the novelties presented. We have this model slim fit cotton pique, with three-button collar and the detail of the Pocket on the left side that is going through a strip of striped tri-color that normal is located in bottlenecks and this time moves to sleeves and side of the same. Perfect to match with Chinese and shorts.

On the other hand, we can find the polo in cotton pique of classic cut with three-button neck in which has preferred to let the necks and ends of sleeves in a single color and uniform on a black background with the detail of the laurels in the chest.

For shirts are also certain developments: on the one hand, shirts short sleeves that are committed by the madras print in your designs. Complemented with a simple neck with button closure, trimmed and a very elegant curved hem.

If you prefer something more discreet, we opted for shirts that play with the nod to denim in very subtle, in Celestial shades of metal and finished in the form of tricolor flag in white and grey, present in the neck and above the Pocket watchmaker where the laurels are printed.

T-shirts that are committed by a more colorful navy style Thanks to the design in stripes that have. In shades of Red over blue on grey or white, this t-shirt is perfect to combine basic mode with the Chinese or Harrington jackets in the collection.

If we seek greater consistency garments can be found sweaters like this wool merino, with a design in shades of red and black, boat neck striped and finish at the end of the garment and the sleeves of the same.

Inspired by its initial spirit sport, this thick cotton knit sweater has opted for a vertigo v neck and a print about the historical archive of the laurel wreath showing the date of establishment right in the center of the garment. Soft texture, grooves in the whole and some trim in dark red and black tones along the neck and sleeves.

Finally, we find the famous bomber are you inspired by tennis, with a very discreet design, tartan inside print and cutting set with elastic zipper, button side closure, round neck and detail of the edges at the end of the sleeves.

If you prefer something more sophisticated, we find upholstered in dark red vests and green which, until then, the firm had not submitted.

Finally, in it comes to trousers we can find the Chinese of all life but as a new fit note the shorts in the collection, created with cotton dyed yarn forming a plaid pattern. The closure is zippered three buttons and a drawstring at the waist. Perfect to combine with smooth cotton pique shirts.

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