Club Monaco for Spring/Summer 2012: a Proposal for a Casual and Relaxed

I do not know you, but I’m looking forward to this spring/summer 2012. This is something very common, people we usually tire of the seasons and we look for changes in our everyday life. Usually these changes start with the exterior and change our wardrobe garments can be a fun solution that provides us new life.

With respect to trends in men’s fashion of the season after the September fashion shows and see all these campaigns that are coming to us as this spring-summer simplicity will be the authentic protagonist of our many day and night outfits. Nothing complicated, basic clothing patterns that return each season and little bright colors.

Club Monaco It is a line of prices means belonging to Polo Ralph Lauren. Its collections are almost always are classic and for an audience of middle ages that round 25-30 years. Under the name of “Wilderness Chic” brings us the 2012 spring/summer lookbook with Casey Taylor and NicolasRipoll models.

Something that I’m seeing in each of the campaigns or the lookbooks from different firms and that nothing is not liking me are the costumes in white. I do not know where this trend has gone but I sincerely believe that very little helps bring a jacket and pants in the same shade of white. This time it is not so bad because the cut of the suit is very current and have combined it very well giving a more casual air.

For example, in this case, I see it very successful and much more comfortable and easy to carry. In the midst of all this trend simplicity and soft tones you’ll draw less attention with a proposal equally elegant. They say that less is more and this maxim is almost always met in men.

For the warmer days and for those more informal occasions Club Monaco offers different models of shorts. To my personally I can hardly begin to use them when the spring is coming, but I think it is a very comfortable garment that allows a wide range to be able to combine them.

That Yes, the option forgot t-shirts if you don’t want to appear that you are going to record the program of Emma García, Women, men, and vice versa. This type of t-shirts are exclusively for the gym (and occasionally, or for that).

For the days in that cool, don’t forget the jacket, following in the shades of pastels. Jackets with pockets and once again appear combined with pictures printed shirts. I’ve already dropped several of this type for next season.

A casual, elegant proposal without anything too remarkable but that in general we will serve to conform our wardrobe of face to the next season. What do you think?

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