Ana Locking Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013, Opening The Time Capsule

Everything has a meaning, everything has a message

The ‘ #8217 & time capsule; the Toledo opened on Friday in a highly anticipated fashion show for the Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 laden with expectation. An expectation generated by the simple fact – in fact – see fashion and also well made. And it is that Ana is not worth another kind of ‘entertainment’ for the attention of their fans; djs or performances in rigorous playback. His show is fashionismo in its purest form, and that his followers/fans know it.

It did not disappoint anyone, and once more, liked most (if possible) than other times, and is that perseverance, effort and overcoming are some of the features of the evolution of the work of Ana Locking, It is a consecrated in the Madrid pasarela and much more beyond the seas, or at the international level.

Between the 20s and the 30s, but very updated

It is curious that Ana comment on it to the well-known blogger and journalist Arturo Gil de Sadofashionista (Antena 3), insofar as it hangs its outlets on the web beginning to receive orders from many countries, but not Spain. What we have inferiority complex? That’s what I’m afraid … agree that the MBFWM It will not be the most cutting-edge capital trends, and much less in menswear, but Locking case is special (and not only I say it), large firms (and I mean journalism and the blogosphere) so they endorse it and subscribe.

In this connection of men’s fashion, that you know that in the last few months is coming out much more profitable than the female – at least have declared him both maisons that spend in Milan and in Paris, as well it was reported a few weeks ago Carmen tomorrow in ‘ country ’ – Arturo Gil asked Ana Locking the why not be planting a full parade of man , and is that you as you will see below the total outfits, they are so commercial as current, modern but essence classic, and in addition very well cut and patronados.

To which Ana replied, that does not at the moment not out it profitable. Sincerely a pity, because as seen if I have to meet with a male proposal of ‘ the Merche ’ (a term coined by a good legion of bloggers to designate the Mercedes …), without a doubt, I’ll stick with this. And the think I am not the only one.

Getting into work, as of ‘ Time Capsule & #8217; It refers to the decades of the 20s and 30s years, an interesting chronological fork that combines the period of economic boom, with the outbreak of the Crack of 29 which gave beginning to the great economic depression of the 30, I mean a scale in extremix. And if anyone thought that this is a coincidence, I think anything further from reality.

Ode sartorial very Brit


And is that in these moments of “ economic recession ” (quotation marks it because I have many doubts about) and taking into account that some years ago in this country (and many more) were sold apartments and cars like hotcakes, and speculation was (and continues to be a constant) I don’t know why, but I think that we we have a very real flashback that is to say more or less as in the Crack.

And fashion which is very knew, at least that of Locking, is known to be worth everything and with very good make and sense of humor recovers elegant silhouettes, refined, sophisticated, glad and from my point of view more brit than Yankee. At least I see it all very Big Ben in this collection, that well could have it looked the footballer Mr Fog, to give another turn to the world, although it would now leave you quite expensive, we already know that lowcost flights, at the end you out one eye of the face.

A complete collection of sartorial line to be impeccable in terms of silhouettes, shapes and finishes. Fabrics such as wool cold – indispensable for winter costumes – or mohair and cotton Poplin shirts, and of course flannel fine and polished that never for necessary shelters. Materials presented in looks for a current gentleman that wears costumes three pieces of shortened pants (no doubt the key stakes for the new season), outerwear and trenches of straight-cut, or shirts with big collars and elongated cuffs.

Outfits that are accesorizan with inserts and (traditional satin finish) very rigid leather loafers, ties of regular shovel, pajaritas-mariposa, the essential document of pocket, the PIN from tie that back with force, and the classic flower in the buttonhole or Pocket, a very stately and romantic touch, do not know you but that I also have a good rescue.

Romantic details that fall in love


In terms of colors, from the grayscale basis of the proposal, the inevitable black, passing through accents in Aqua and turquoise, in Bordeaux or red wine, in Pistachio, ochre and yellow lemon, until you get to the Peach the intense and acid Orange, as well as any notes in Lapis lazuli (this ink blue china that both takes). Prints, just less than other times, but the sea of colorful, plot of tartan pictures o polka dots large splashed some of the outputs.

As details, I stay with the collar/Hat point of canale to which overlaps the Bowler Hat (with pen), pasta of retro sunglasses or the semi-lazados ultra-fine belts It stresses some of the stunning coats. And of course the mini suitcases. And it is as I told Ana – had the pleasure of welcoming – “everything has a meaning, everything has a message”, and the small details that are most important. Indeed the parade closed with a flourish of luxury, all a classic hit that fit swimmingly with the leitmotif of the collection, ‘ Question of Time ’ Depeche Mode, there is that.

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