Android tablets: Test of the 32 best models

Whenever they are ready in less than a second for many applications and can be installed almost anywhere: Android tablets. In addition, they are generally easier to use than Windows models and much cheaper than Apple’s outrageously expensive ipads. But a cheaper retail price guaranteed still no good model. Our site had 32 Android tablets in the test and says, what really matters.

The best Android tablets

Small, lightweight, handy

Which Tablet size is perfect, especially to your needs depends on. 7-to 8-inch (17.8-20.3 cm diagonal) models are most practical for commuters: weigh between 250 and less than 400 grams and are very handy to fit in almost any pocket. Some 7 – and 8 -? LTE have incher on board: a suitable contract with network coverage on the spot on the road ensures a very fleet Internet connection. At the media pad M3 Huawei, Huawei media pad X 2 7.0, HP Pro slate 8 and Samsung Galaxy tab S2 8.0 flip it even calls: the phone can so at home remain.

Android tablet as notebook replacement

The larger tablet with a 10.1-inch display diagonal (25,65 centimeters) can be also easily on the go: you are still manageable and considerably lighter (389 to around 650 grams) as notebooks. To make phone calls, they are though not suitable (except via the Internet), for play their benefits from home especially at the speeds. You drive up in a matter of seconds, download favorite movie in a Flash and who wants to sell his sideboard on ebay, done the ruck, hypothetically: snap photos, launch app, upload pictures, description, finished! Who wants to tamper with there with laptop, camera and memory card?

Sharp display

You have made a preliminary decision to the size? Then you should dedicate themselves to the touch screen: is the be-all and end-all of tablets, because it serves as a screen, keyboard and mouse. He is not perfect, is the joy of the Tablet quickly then: instead of rosy faces of holiday photos show then pale, dull fuzzy figures and bright sunlight is simply to see nothing but a reflecting surface. How to do it properly, the Samsung Galaxy tab S2 showed 9.7: this model represents a sharp image with natural colors so be it.

Nice extras

Some models provide great tools: way the Medion P9514 S10345 thanks to infrared transmitter as a remote control for televisions and DVD players use. Even an FM radio is built into the Sony Tablet Xperia Z4 tablet. The blockbuster is but the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro: this noble Tablet boasts with a built-in projector, with the party pictures and cinema Strip on the wall cast.

The tablets with the longest battery life

36 tablets with long battery life see tablets

With much steam

Strong processors need more food than their lame counterparts, also high resolution displays swallow much power. But that means automatically that a tablet with 1920 x 1080 pixels on the screen of faster energy recharge must be a 1024 x 600 model? Not necessarily! The full-HD display, the Samsung Galaxy tab A-10.1 (2016) showed in the Tablet battery test even after rich 18 hours and ten minutes of content, while at the trekstor surftab wintron 7.0 after around four hours and 36 minutes the lights went out.

Conclusion: the best Android tablets

Under the Android tablets continued the Huawei media pad M3 with its high speed and the great display clearly to the tip. 2nd place a Huawei Tablet ranks also: the Huawei media pad X 2 7.0, that also with a good image quality, but also with a long battery life convinced. The 8-inch Samsung Galaxy tab S 2 8.0 with a super sharp AMOLED display followed, however, rank 3, the 10-inch Huawei mediapad M2 10.0 in fourth place. The HP Pro slate 8 reached the fifth rank, close behind the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet placed on rank 6 and on rank 7 Samsung Galaxy tab S2 9.7.