Android N Tea Lets You Choose Various Languages That Understand, and Are More Ready to Choose Which Show You

In a world increasingly more global is frequent and extremely useful knowing more than one language, Although so far that not supposed to you too many advantages in Android. In the end, you must choose a single language in the system options, and generally is that applications which will use to determine which text to show you.

However the complexity use multiple languages is gradually sneaking in our mobile. You can now use the keyboard in several languages, activate voice recognition so that you can understand in multiple languages or to automatically determine the language with Google Translate.

To adapt, Android N has decided to finally break with the simplicity of a mobile – a language, leaving you to choose several languages you understand instead of just one. On the other hand, this information is also used in a improved algorithm to determine which language should show you each application.

Get additional languages

Say that you do not have nor idea of English, but speak perfect Spanish and Italian and you’ve configured your mobile phone so that you use Spanish as a language. If you use an application that has not been translated to the Spanish (but yes to Italian), Android will show you the text by default, in English.

If you have luck and the application allows you to select the language from your options (as it is the case of the Facebook application), you can change it manually, but if not you will have to choose between not understand or potato and use the application in English or change all your system to the Italian.

Until now, only you could use a language options

Documents for developers of Android N however described the arrival of the additional languages. Continuing with the previous example, you can now set Spanish as a primary language, but including that you also understand Italian. The previous application may well show you the texts in a language that you know.

Developers must however make use of a new API to make use of this feature.

Intelligent selection of languages

Android N also optimized selection the string of text to be displayed in the application, taking into account the resources available in the application and system configuration.

The operation for the selection of language in an application is Until now as follows. First, try it with an exact correspondence (for example, Spanish for Spain), to then try it with the more general Variant (Spanish). If none of both languages is available, is shown in English, although the application available texts in Spanish of Mexico.

Current operation of the logic of language selection

The new logic introduced in the last API of Android is similar, but it takes into account also the additional languages and also other variants of the General version of the language. First, test the exact correspondence, then the general version and finally its other variants. Following the same example as before, the previous application would now show texts in Spanish of Mexico.

New and more complex logic of Android N language selection

More languages and variants

These are not the only changes related to the languages present in Android, and it seems that support for languages is one of the priorities of Google. Android N includes more than 25 variants for languages more common as English, Spanish, French and Arabic, in addition to partial support for more than 100 new languages.