Android N Preview Gets Its First Update

Those adventurers who have decided to install the version for developers of Android on your mobile now available the first update system available for download, both in the form of images and OTA.

Updated images of the Android are available for Download and Flash from the developers page. The versions of Android N for 5 X and Nexus Nexus 6 p larger than 56 p to 56W, while those of Nexus 9 pass from 56 p to 56 X. Nexus Player in turn receives the version 56R.

If you gave high in the Android Beta Program, you should already have received notification to download the Update OTA, that is distributed with only a couple of hours of margin since the images have been published.

There is no list of changes, but if speculation

Android N update fills just about 30 MB, so don’t expect interesting new applications. Everything indicates that it is simply critical bug fixes, as they are speculating on the community of Google + Android Beta.

As discussed in this community, this update does not correct a problem in the Nexus 9 that prevents that turns it off, but there are users talking about that Removes the keyboard lag, in general the experience seems to be more fluid and apparently it fixes a bug in which disappeared applications of recent applications.

In any case, it is evident that Android N still has quite a few errors and crashes, so if you were waiting for a more stable version to try it, this is not yet your stop, as it is one minor update.