Android N Installation of Applications Will Be Faster Thanks to The Important Change of ART

Android N incorporates an important internal change that will make that the installation of applications and updates is much faster. Many of the applications that take several minutes to install will do this in a matter of seconds, and updating the system will also be much faster, because that also eliminates the step of application optimization.

The application execution environment Android Runtime (ART) It will no longer compile applications during installation (AOT, Ahead-of-time compilation) to do so during its execution. ART Debuts JIT compilation (just-in-time) for compile the application during its execution as he did the old virtual machine Dalvik from Android 2.2 Froyo, but without forgetting the AOT compilation.

With Android N habrĂ¡ JIT/AOT at ART compilation. To improve the speed of installation, save storage space and improve the performance and usage of RAM the compilation of the application will not be complete, will be on the basis of actual use we make of applications.

When you install an application will compile every time during its execution (JIT) but the AOT compiler will be launched in the background to compile in cache parts of the application that we use most, so if we use much a application at the end will be as always compiled, at least the parts we use more, the rest would compile during its execution. AOT compilation will start only When the device is idle and charging the battery to avoid affecting the performance and autonomy.

In the following video you can see how a Nexus 6 p with Android installed applications much faster than the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

Facebook Messenger:* Nexus 6 p: 17 seconds * Galaxy S7: 45 secondsFacebook:* Nexus 6 p: 32 seconds * Galaxy S7: 3 minutes 21 seconds