Android N Developer Preview Filtered: Multi-Window, New Bar of Notifications and More

It seems that a Google employee has pressed by mistake a button ahead of time, since it seems to be that for a few minutes have been available factory images of Androiid N Developer Preview for the Nexus 5 X, 6 p, Nexus 6, Pixel C, 9 Nexus Nexus and Nexus Player, quickly deleted as the article giving the news of Arstechnica (Google Cache).

Since the last few days the drip of leaks of Android N It has not stopped growing, something logical given the proximity of his presentation on 18 May. We already know that there will be several changes in its interface with new settings and new notifications bar, and today, thanks to the filtration of previous versions have the first screenshots of the multi-view.


Android N it officially premiered the multi-view, with his new role of split screen that will allow us to view and use two applications at the same time. Multitasking seems to finally be available both in mobile and tablets, although catches do not clarify how it will work, since missing controls to enable. If we see that there will be a spreader bar to adjust the size of the two applications.


The new filtration of Android N Developer Preview It also lets us see again its renewed notification bar, where we can see that we can respond directly from the same notification, so you won’t have to open the application to answer to our contacts.

The new design of the notification bar occupies the entire width of the screen and displays a small line with quick adjustments. The list of notifications it seems that they are no longer separate cards.

Improvements in battery and performance

It seems Android N It will improve the consumption of battery with several improvements in Doze. Seems our device will be not limited to save battery power when it is at rest on a table that will begin to save battery power just when the screen’s turned off, even if you have it in your pocket. It is unknown as he will to know that applications can suspend and which not, seems that it will take into account the most used to treated them as priority so that notifications keep coming to us. Android N would also improve performance with improvements in Project Svelte, so the operating system back to go fluid in devices with low RAM.

OpenJDK: 8 Java

As already reported by Google a couple of months, with Android N abandoned the “free” the Apache Harmony project Java implementation to use the free implementation OpenJDK Oracle, with what operating system would no longer have legal problems with Oracle and developers could use all the advantages of 8 Java for the development of applications.

Android N Developer Preview

In theory Android N Developer Preview I was going to go out on May 18 after its presentation in the Google I/O 2016, but it seems that by mistake it has leaked ahead of time, so if Google does not prevent it is possible that images of factory takes not to circulate through the network.