Android N Allows to Enlarge The Elements on The Screen for People with Low Visibility

Goodbye to the need to find a special for people with low visibility launcher or elderly people. Android N ‘ newly presented will include a series of measures to improve accessibility taking into account view, hearing, and mobility of the user.

Knowing that the problem of management starts at the same moment that turns on the smartphone or tablet, Google designers have decided to implement a Setup menu of vision in the same Android N splash screen. It will be the first to confront those in need at the time of the system is booted for the first time.

As there are multiple problems and difficulties with the view that Android users, can have on the view configuration menu will be able to determine their values of font size, display size, magnification of gestures and, finally, the Talkback function for those who need audio support.

Three of these four characteristics come from earlier versions of the operating system, and we still don’t know if there are more parameters customization or if they behave as before. The fourth is new. Users will be able to enlarge or resize the size of the desktop icons and other elements on screen to a minimum resolution comparable to a Nexus 4.

These two images are an example of what happens after a normal screen size to a larger. Google Now drawer is pulled down, the icons grow and therefore less fit per line, going from five to four in each row.

Google warns developers that these alternatives of image let out failures of optimization in terms of the different screens and resolutions of its applications. For this reason, although the platform make adjustments automatically and a safety mechanism is saved, has launched a series of recommendations for testing so that they adapt their works until you begin to circulate the version of Android N user, from summer.