Android N Adds Functionality ICE (In Case of Emergency) That Could Save Your Life

Having seen the main novelties of Android N, it is time now to investigate more thoroughly the new version of Google’s mobile operating system for address details that Google has not highlighted in his article of presentation.

One of the most interesting features of Android N hope to not have to use it ever, because the Mountain View giant has led beyond emergencies in 6.0 options Marshmallow, with a new menu ICE (In Case of Emergency) that could help us in case of problems, accidents or medical emergencies.

All is known in a vital urgency our smartphone may be the first tool to help us, and Google has considered a number of options that facilitate an Android device owners the show details of our medical history, allergies, blood type or emergency contacts in case of problems.

How does the emergency menu?

In a few simple steps introduced in the previous Android settings menu, We can add to our “emergency information” phone to configure the appliance for the first time.

The phone will guide us through a survey where we fill in name, address, date of birth, important information from our medical records as the type of blood or allergies, treatments that we are taking, or additional considerations. In addition, you can select if we are organ donors and an emergency contact that you be advised directly.

This information It is not mandatory for the use of the smartphone and you can skip, Obviously, although it will always be available for later introduction from user settings.

We do not want to happen, but if someone had a problem, access to this information would be as easy as the emergency with a locked terminal button, and then press twice on the button of emergency information.

Android is still a preliminary version, so all this could change or modify to close the final compilation of the new Android. At the moment, I only see a problem, and it is that Anyone may access personal and sensitive information even with the phone locked.