Android Could Renew Your Logo

The current Android logo has been accompanying us for almost seven years, since it was officially announced by Google in November 2007, and to date has not undergone any change, it still has the same design, something which seems that it could change in the coming weeks.

A few days ago the one leaked the LG Watch G boot animation which at the end shows a new logo of Android, with one new source of text much more modern, making that the logo is more current and consistent with the current design of the Android interface. That Yes, keeping the Android mascot logo.

This change in the Android logo could be due to that Google increasingly is giving more presence to the Android brand in the market. While Android is the leading operating system on the market still there are people that are unaware if your mobile phone has Android. To promote the Android brand manufacturers now are obliged to show the boot the logo “Powered by Android”. And to promote still better the Android brand that better have a logo with a design at the height of the operating system.

In addition, Google soon will also promote Android with its new brands Android Wear, Android TV and in the near future with the car’s operating system version. Expected Google to announce the new logo at the end of this month, during the Google I/O 2014.