Android Beta Program: Update Your Nexus Via OTA to Prerelease Versions of Android

Update your Nexus future versions of Android is now as simple as sign up to the new Android beta program, with which we receive via OTA previous versions of the next versions of Android, which no longer have to manually install images of factory.

The previous version of Android Debuts Android Beta Program with the Nexus launched beginning in 2014. Sign up to make your Nexus first in Test future versions It is as simple as entering and register your device.

Android Beta Program It goes over the release of the final version of Android, also will be the first to receive pre-release versions of the OTA Android N. maintenance When Google’s closed beta program and we will receive the OTA public.

Compatible devices

  • Nexus 6, 9 Nexus, Nexus 5 X, 6 p, Nexus Player Nexus
  • C pixel

When will I receive updates?

Our first update may take to reach 24 hours since we give high our device to test previous versions of Android. Then between 4 and 6 weeks will receive a new version of Android N until its official public launch around the world.

How do I verify that I am using a beta version of Android?

  • Access settings > phone info > build number. If the build number begins with NP you are running a beta version of Android N.
  • Restart the device, it will display a message at boot that reports that the device is running a version of Android beta.

How can I submit feedback?

Android Beta participants can send comments to Google to report bugs or make suggestions from settings > phone info > Send suggestions about the device.

How can I go back to a public version of Android?

At any time we can give us low by clicking on “Cancel registration device” Web of Android Beta Program. While we will receive an update on our device OTA that it will erase all user data and install the latest stable public version of Android. Not backed up data will be lost.