Analysis of How It Affects Users in Practice The New Business Model of Vodafone

Once cleared the details of the new business model of Vodafone in which we have been analyzing the developments in rates, new current customer loyalty program, the Elimination of subsidies to capture new customers and the conditions of financing without interest or penalties for breach of permanence; now make a Overview of what all this means in practice for users.

Are you still looking for a mobile free?

Mobile phones have never been nor will be free but if that were used to find them 0 euros (without paying anything input) to be subsidized in Exchange for a stay and in most cases, carrying associated rates concrete.

In this sense, from the April 10, 2012, If you are not a Vodafone customer, already not going to “ give ” a mobile phone if you change from another operator to Vodafone but in return offer facilitate payment financing mobile without interest on what you will end up paying the same rates than before and also mobile deadlines.

If you are already a client (at least one year) then if you can renew your mobile from 0 euros in subsidies which were used by the new Renew with advantages. A system to change mobile prices more attractive if you agree to stay at a particular minimum consumption fee and that mimics the advantages that so far only offered to new customers.

A new way to renew that possibly better prices for access to the terminals if you compare these with that so far offered us by points, which is a real turn for treat better the most faithful customers before that new, something that, for many, was simple logic.

The purpose of this system is that if you are looking for a free mobile, it more profitable to stay in Vodafone to switch to another operator but if we see a comparison of prices of smartphones with Orange, it is not clear that they have achieved that despite having improved prices and expand the catalogue with the new One X HTC and HTC One S the results are still to be seen.

As for the traditional program of points, if so far was not too attractive for scarce grant offered, the new Renewed spot in practice serves little or no Since with the same points as before, the same mobile can cost 300 euros more so if you’re determined to renew permanence, surely the best option is the branch with advantages associated with rates by size.

Do you prefer cheaper rates?

If you are of those who above all looking for a cheap rate and prefer to buy free mobile without permanence, it is likely that the MVNOs continue to be the most appealing destination Since as Vodafone continues to subsidise devices to their current customers, the rates still bear the cost of the phone and are not being reduced as expected when they began to speak of the new business model.

Customers that are not from Vodafone and will be attracted by the unlimited VIP numbers or speed reduction as main differences with respect to the rates of the OMVs, may obtain a discount of 15% on their fare share if they sign a stay of 12 months, which means worse off than the 25% discount that applied so far to new customers.

The only advantage in this sense is that despite reducing the discount, now the Sizes for less are also available for existing customers they have been without tenure and not only to new as before.

And this is all for now although the panorama of the summer could focus the attention of the campaign to improve rates so it is likely that in the coming weeks we live a “ revolution “ similar to the starring by Movistar last summer. Soon we will leave doubts & #8230;